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Social media

The advantages of obtainable information can be a superior tool, for an individual who needs to find information quickly. They can go online and get any type of information needed for whatever they may need the information for, such as work, school, business or leisure. If someone needs to research a particular disease, surgery or pain they have, he or she would be able to obtain the information quickly and easily, to discover exactly what the symptoms entail. Suggestions would be given on what to take to get relief of pain, what type of medicines can be taken and what to expect if they are going for surgery.

The individual will get a better sense of what he or she are dealing with. Some disadvantages of obtainable information is the information that someone may obtain may not be current or reliable and probably can be misleading. Though, getting information from the Internet may be easy and quick it can have a negative impact. An individual for instance may have a paper to write for school, and they need to get some information to help them along, the information they are receiving may not be correct depending where he or she have taken the information from.

People should always know that everything that is presented on the Internet is not correct. Social media has many advantages and disadvantages on the American culture. The number one advantage is the convenience. People can find or buy anything they are looking for through the Internet. Second is communication. Social media has allowed people to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues through different social sites such as Skype. An individual actually can talk and see who he or she is talking too online with a web cam without even meeting him or her in person.

Other advantages have become very popular, such as dating sites. Individuals can find their true love, just by going to the Internet. There is also Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social sites that give people the opportunity to advertise a business and also to meet and stay in touch with others. Shopping is another advantage for social media. Individuals can buy anything without having to go into the store. The disadvantages of social media are people sometimes give out to much personal information, which can lead to serious consequences.

Case and point, People have been known to give their every move regarding what they are doing and where they are on Facebook, which is a bad idea because if a person wanted to do harm to an individual all he or she would have to do is check someone’s Facebook page for his or her where about. Thieves also use Facebook and other social sites to find out when a person will not be at home so, that they can break into a house and steal everything. The advantages and disadvantages can alter the use of social media by giving people the opportunity to either use it excessively or not use it at all.

An individual may be addicted to using social media such as Facebook, cell phones, dating sites, and even to be an impulsive shopper. This in return can break up families, and friendships. Although there is a lot of really good information online, there is almost as much information either accidentally or deliberately in error. There are people who deliberately, put wrong information online and state that they are experts in a particular field. On the other hand, there are some advantages, such as using the social sites for a more positive outcome. There are many credibility issues that can arise from information found on the Internet.

Before the Internet people would rely on news broadcasting or newspapers. Typically when a reporter publishes a story it needs valid sources and those sources need to be confirmed and reliable. The Internet introduced a different type of media. It gives the average person the platform to speak of anything they want without reliable sources. One’s opinion suddenly became the focus of a news story than one’s research and hard work to prepare facts. This makes a majority of the Internet not credible. Sites that ends with Edu, Org, and Gov. are more likely reliable sites people can get credible information.

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