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Skepticism and religion

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Besides I was not so sure if it was just some belief that is meant to instill fear in people not to engage in immorality.
My action was instigated after having read an article on how one of the biggest Christian churches that I always believed in was being suspected to perform fake miracles. At first, it was not very much convincing, and I thought the writing was simply compiled by nonbelievers who were out to contradict just to contradict Christianity and the presence of God. However, after a proper investigation, I was meant to understand that indeed there are some churches that are out to confuse people and reap at the expense of the followers. Moreover, it was pointed out that some of the Christian based churches perform fake miracles just to draw the attention of the believers and to gain the recognition that they are the true churches of God. Since then, I have formed some level of skepticism as to which is the true church. If I am given a similar opportunity today, I will defend my position to doubt the presence of a Christian based independent churches.

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