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Should social security be eliminated

” Should Social Security be Eliminated?” Social security is a way of providing protection against socially acknowledged conditions like poverty, old age, disability, and unemployment. According to Social Security Handbook, social security can refer to a situation where people receive compensations for their contributions in an insurance program. This is social insurance, which includes people receiving retirement pensions, insurance for the disabled, benefits for surviving, and insurance for the unemployed. Another way of providing social security is through income maintenance whereby distribution of money is in the event of interruption of employment, retirement, disability, and unemployment. There are other services provided by administrators, who are responsible for social security. They include medical care, aspects of social work, and industrial relations. It can be rarely used to refer to basic security, which refers to access to basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, education, money and medical care. Elimination of social security should not be applicable anywhere because it has helped in so many ways. Due to the high rates charged by poor economies, the poor have continued to suffer because they cannot afford to live a comfortable life due to high costs of living. The only remedy left in order to solve this problem is through social security. The poor receive protection through lowering food and fuel prices. The elderly is another group that needs attention in order to help their lives feel easier. Many of them do not know what they ought to do right, because they are losing their memories and this creates the need to find helpers to take care of them. Most of them when living at home, those living with them will probably grow tired of taking care of them and may end up neglecting them. This leads to the need for social security for this group. They can go to the elderly centers where they can be taken care of better. They also receive some money from the government, which helps in catering for their needs. This way, they will feel appreciated and may help in extending their lifespan. The disabled is a group of individuals who lack a part of their body or who have a deformed member of the body. A person can get into this condition through an accident or by birth. The condition of disability makes people unable to compete for high class jobs. They thus end up relying on their close relatives or friends who might in the short or long run get tired of helping them. The need for social security comes in whereby the concerned parties help by finding ways of keeping them comfortable. They can receive facilities, which will protect them when moving around and receive facilities, which can help them to make money. The unemployed group has a lot potential utilized if they receive mobilization to do something creative. All these groups have rights to receive protection because they deserve to live good lives. Insurance companies provide covers for various issues, which affect people’s lives. This is another way of providing social security to people. The people pay some cash in small installments in order to receive compensation in case of emergency. They vary from insurance covers for family members, medical covers, insurance for vehicles, and for family property. These are just but a few to the main ones. They do not have limitations as to when a person is liable for compensation. This means that whenever an emergency occurs, a person will get compensation for the damage caused. This is a very great way of providing social security because people get assurance of safety of their money and poverty. Other ways of providing social security include organizing programs that deal with first hand issues affecting people’s lives. There are people who cannot afford basic needs and therefore need assistance on how to overcome such challenges. Those that cannot access basic needs can receive them through these programs thereby easing the problem. The government plays a major role in helping in such situations whereby famine, floods, and other natural disasters, which are out of their control, strike people. They help by rushing help to the victims at the time of emergency. This is a very great way of providing social security to people. Another way of providing social security is through giving of retirement pensions and insurance for the less fortunate in the society. This helps by boosting their lifestyles through receiving money, which they can use to build their lives. When a person retires, that means that they are going to rest and therefore may not be working any longer. The pensions given to retirees help them to maintain their lifestyles and to keep them going. If this money could lack, the retirees could find it hard to cope with the new lifestyle after retiring. This means that social security is very vital to people’s lives because they find means to help themselves in the future. In conclusion, social security is a very important service that helps in boosting people’s lives, elimination of the same being very disastrous. This means that it should remain at all times. Work cited United States Government, Social Security Handbook: Overview of Social Security Programs, USA: Bernan Press, 2010, Print.

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