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Senior year expectations

Going into my senior year, I have a lot of expectations. Expectations for my grades, my classes, after school activities, and of course, the benefits of being a senior. I’m going into this year knowing it will be challenging, critical, but most all, knowing it will be the best year in high school. I hope to be a part of a great senior class, and make great personal and academic achievements. One thing I’m excited about, is my first year taking an A. P. course. A. P. Government has already been a challenge so far, only 3 days into the course.

Also, English being my favorite subject, I have high expectations for the literature I will get to read. And I’m so excited about being a senior in general. Getting to have senior field day, and Project Graduation are things I’m expecting to be very fun. I can hardly wait. Starting of my senior year right, I have A. P. Government bright and early for first period. With not even a week of it under my belt yet, I can already tell this course will work me to the bone. But signing up for this A. P. ourse, I’m getting more than just a college credit, and a vaster knowledge of the American Government. I’m receiving lessons in discipline. I’m no longer being treated like a child, I’m being treated like and adult. This is something that I find will give me a great advantage in life. I’m being taught Smith 2 how to be responsible at a young age, instead of having to learn the hard way later on in life. I’m also expecting to become socially aware, and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about the American Government.

Being a part of this course, I expect, will pay of in more ways than just one. Switching subjects, English has always been my favorite. (I feel slightly deprived only having it for one semester this year. ) I love reading anything, and everything. I’m hoping to read some great old literature, and one thing I’m very excited about is reading mythology. Greek mythology is one of my all time favorite things to read, and I’m expecting to read some great things when we dabble in it this semester. I’m also anticipating this to be a challenging, thought-provoking, course.

One thing I am also expecting is to have fun with this course. English is always so much fun to learn, and I can not wait to start with reading books and discussing what they mean. I love hearing peoples different opinions on how they read a book. And I am definitely expecting some great conversations about that. And of course, being a senior, I’m over-all expecting a fun year. This year I have some awesome perks. I see it as a reward of sorts, for making it through the first 3 years of high school.

From the smallest things, like finally getting to wear a “ senior” sweatshirt, and getting to go to lunch early; to the biggest like the senior trip, or having senior field day. I can not wait to just have a day outside with all my friends. I’m expecting it to be so much fun! Also, I’m looking forward to Project Graduation, but most importantly, I’m Smith 3 excited for the actual graduation. And one thing I’m expecting, but not so much looking forward to, is the ceremony being very, very, very, long.

And since my last name starts with an “ S”, I’ll be waiting through the very long ceremony anxiously, to walk up and get my diploma. With all the things I’m expecting to get out of my senior year, I think the fact that I’ve made it this far is an accomplishment in itself. Going into this year I of course expected this to be a challenging, conditioning, thought-provoking year. And so far, all of those expectations have proved to be true. But I also expect this year to be fun, rewarding, and absolutely the best year I’ve had in high school. And so far, I haven’t been let down.

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