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It is an obvious fact that organizations always concerned with their economic prosperity and economical expansion and in order to vitalize this thing, it is more than important to analyze these things all along. Organizations are usually concerned with their general requirement to become economically prosper and competitive and in order to accomplish the same, it is more than necessary to analyze the things with perfection.
Inevitably, there are number of things on which the entire theme of an organization depends upon. Marketing analysis is one of the most important things from the perspective of an entity, as it relates to the entire bread and butter of the company. Marketing department is the most effective departments from the standpoint of an organization and its applicability lies in different sections of an entity. When it comes to marketing based functions, the names of different tools are extremely vital. Likewise the companies, individuals also have to analyze their personal marketing stance in total.
Personal marketing which also known as Self Marketing is basically a phenomenon through which the personal stance of marketing would have been applied on a specific thing accordingly. The main perspective of this assignment is to do a complete self marketing analysis of a certain profession, which I want to have in my life. My target industry is the beverage industry and the company which has been chosen for the same analysis is Coca Cola. The position on which I want to have myself is the Distribution Manager of Coca Cola. It is required to apply relevant techniques and tools on self marketing stance and analyze the same thing with perfection. In the next section, a small description of about the chosen company will be described followed by the analytical provision.

Coca Cola: A Short and Snappy background

Coca Cola is basically a carbonated soft drink that sold in stores all over the world, wending machines and in restaurants as well. The beverage of Coca Cola specifically produced by the Coca Cola Company and it is basically referred simply as Coke. Coca Cola counts among the strongest brands of the world and the most valuable brand of the world. The company has its primary listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and known with the name of COK. The company has total employees of 146, 200. Total revenue of the company was US$ 48. 01 billion in the fiscal year 2012 with net income of 9. 01 billion in the same year.

My Target Industry Analysis

The industry on which I am targeting is Beverage industry and the company on which I am targeting is Coca Cola, the largest beverage company of the world. This industry has so much potential which will certainly be a sign of excellence for us.

Environmental Scanning

There are some specific sources which could be used for the same purpose in total. Environmental scanning is extremely important from the viewpoint of a job and there are specific resources which I will use for marketing myself. The list of the resources, which I will be use to scan the environment are mentioned below,
Printed Materials which will be used for the purpose of analyze the level of analytical provision is extremely important for this purpose and I will use the same here. Apart from the printed material, there are some other important things which I will be used for the purpose of environmental scanning, which predominantly are, information system and personal contacts. Among both of them, the provision and name of all of these mediums are essentials. It is also required to pen down different strength and weaknesses of the mediums used for the same analysis.


There are basically three different mediums which have been taken into account for this analysis, which predominantly are printed material, information systems and personal contacts. The main strengths of all of these mediums are mentioned below,
The authenticities of these mediums are on a higher scale which is a positive sign from the viewpoint for me. All of these mediums give a fair and detailed idea of regarding the company as well as its financial competitiveness. These mediums are well defined and explained in their jurisdiction and authentically proven.
All of these mediums are officially approved and the level of reliability factor is extremely high in such mediums, which would be extremely beneficial as far as utilization is concerned. The level of reliability would increase because upper management personnel get personally involve in the process of making the financial reports.


The mediums which I have mentioned above are time consuming and yield a slow result; therefore these mediums could not be used, if it is required to take decisions spontaneously.

Three Factors

In this section, it is required to select three different environmental factors which ultimately molds as opportunities and threats in total. I am looking forward to have a job in the United States as a distribution manager of Coca Cola. The factors which have been used here are,


The United States of America (USA) is a country consists on 50 different states. The country is known as the strongest economy of the world. The country has a total population of nearly 30 million people in total. The country had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$ 15. 685 trillion with high per capita income amounting to US$ 49, 922. High economic consequences, is certainly a perfection for me and my job and it will be quite perfect, if I choose this country for my job. Marketing analysts and distribution managers have a median salary of US$ 60, 570 per year in this particular region which will transform as a perfect opportunity for me. According to the estimation, it is also found that, there were total 282, 700 jobs of market research professionals in the year 2010 .


This particular aspect will come as a serious threat for me, because there are number of professionals already there in the United States who can handle this job


Technology is like an opportunity for us and it will be perfect for me to do a job in this technologically efficient scenario or organization.

Description as a Product

I have more than 8 years of practical experience in working with Coca Cola on different positions. Apart from this, I attended many professional training and seminars relating to track selling system, dynamic communication and management essentials, which will certainly help me out to do this job with efficacy and with full of perfection.

Channels of Employment

I will select both electronic and paper medium channels to share my bio data with the company as a whole.

Promotion Mix

I will select “ promotion” of my experience and education in front of the managers and other important personnel of the company

Compensation Package

The median salary for this position is US$ 60, 570 per year and I would like to have the same from my employer.

Cover Letter

Candidate Name:
Contact Details:
Employer’s Name:
Distribution Manager
Coca Cola
Dear Sir,
I have found that there is a vacant position of “ Distribution Manager” at your company and I would like to offer my expertise for this job as I have ample experience and relevant qualification to perform this job in an impeccable manner. I have enclosed my resume along with this letter which will indicate my further profile related to my professional experience as well as my qualification background.
I have worked on different designations within the premises of Coca Cola for ten years. My role which I supposed to execute involves warehouse supervisor, distribution supervisor, CAT I Account Manager and full service supervisor. I have bulk of experience in above mentioned job designations. Moreover, I have conducted many professional sessions and seminars such as Max Sax Track Selling system, Leadership Compass, Immediate Consumption/Future Consumption and other. Therefore my professional experience make me best suitable candidate for this position. In addition to this, I have excellent communication skills and got potential to give valid solutions and analyze over concerned problems.

Thank you so much for reviewing my letter and taking it into consideration for the post.

Candidate Name:


Statistics, B. o. (2012, May 8). U. S. Department of Labor. Retrieved September 18, 2013, from Occupational Outlook Handbook: http://www. bls. gov/ooh/business-and-financial/market-research-analysts. htm

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