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Self-assessment memo report

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TO LESLIE MANION FROM SELF-ASSESSMENT MEMO REPORT Learning business communication is an important skill that increases employability. Moreover, conducting a self-assessment of learning gained in a semester is an effective way of recalling progress that has been made in a student’s life.
The course met all the expectations I had at the beginning of the semester. This can be attributed to two main factors: student’s participation and teacher’s delivery of instruction. Even if the instructor is effective in delivering instruction, the student may be passive or not motivated, thus learning does not occur. One of the house rule that I stated heavily influenced me : that my career begins in this course, not when I graduate. Having actively participated in all the activities given I expect a grade of A since . Perhaps, the professor has given me this grade, or at the least, an A-.
My learning style is auditory, which means that I readily transmit and process information through listening. By communication with others through verbal discussions, I found it easy to grasp concepts, meaning, as well as underlying messages. Certain realizations occurred to me such as the importance of listening in becoming an effective student; more so, listening is active and not passive. My personality type (ENFJ)has helped me get along well with other students . Also, being an ENFJ type, the interaction with people were confident, positive, and even helpful. When people recognize that you are sociable and helpful as well as a good listener, they are drawn to you. Having this personality type is an asset in my future endeavor on the field of human resource management.
Among the learning activities used along the course, the lectures, video clips, and discussions since were well suited to my auditory learning style. Because of this, lectures and concepts were easily synthesized. The video clips also were stimulating since they appealed to my visual and auditory senses. As for the group assignments and presentations, these activities enhanced my communications skills with other students which emphasized the importance of teamwork in delivering a successful output. The skills acquired during the semester were the ability to write good business reports, make persuasive presentations, conduct research effectively, process information critically, and monitor my progress as a student. Valuable insights such as understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is a fundamental step in choosing the right job have been gained during the semester, leading to the resolution of developing one’s strength through additional training and reading self-help books. Although experience is a good teacher, the course ( through test results ) pointed out areas where one should improve on. I was able to critically assess my failings as an Operations Assistant through this course.
Through active participation, I was able to integrate experience and concepts that would enhance my employability. Attendance is crucial in any learning since the course contains many lessons that should be learned in one semester only.
The course has enriched me both as a student and as a person. The insights gained will serve as a guide in becoming an effective manger in the future. Indeed, effective business communications is important; more so, the ability to deliver effective business communication is crucial. In fact, a manager who can clearly communicate the goals of an organization to the people will be able to hurdle over obstacles in communication which causes conflict among individuals or groups. Through this course , I learned my personality type and learning style that could be an asset since they both contribute to my being effective in people skills. It is just unfortunate that the semester seem short to one who wants to learn more and has enjoyed doing so.

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