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Security and interchange network design

The Interconnecting of the networks made It easier for the two companies to communicate via use of Intranet and Instant Real-time Messaging. Cobol also has a strong platform when It comes to using Its email service and merging Yahoo networks with this was a very huge challenge for us to accomplish. Our company designs state of the art networks with the latest technologies that fit your organizations budget. We pride ourselves in security, prevention and education. The education is for the users of the network in order for them to understand how to operate the network and to identify possible vulnerabilities.

Prevention aids the security of the network in order to limit attacks that it has to prevent. In this day and age security of an organizations network is very important. James Lynn (Lynn, 2013) the Technology Strategist of Shops states that network security technology has rapidly been changing In a very dramatic form. The growing use of personal devices, AAAS (Software as a Service) and Mobile VPN Is Just a few of the devices that have changed dramatically In the area of network security. Not only do we pride ourselves In the security of your network we also cater our designs to meet your equines goals.

Not only do we focus on your present business goals but your future ideas for your business going forward. With this in mind we also keep in mind your Disaster Recovery Plan. Whatever your technical requirements are we will meet those as well. We will analyze your present network for performance and vulnerabilities. Interchange Network Design would be the right choice for your merging of networks with your interest in this proposal we would like to take the time to present to you the best possible and cost effective network design for your organization.

Graphically depict and effectively promote your commands structured development and services using VISION or Its open source alternative software. Firewall I AS 500 senses I Webster I I I Groupies 2012 Email Server I I I Wireless Router I I I Network Printer I Penitentiaries Server I I I Novel Directory/File server I And Back Server I I I PC Workstations x 100+ Sample of Main Office I II Ill Each branch office has similar IT setup I What Interchange Network Design does is connect your main office with other specified branch offices.

We use a Ring Topology internally in the main building and hen use Network Topology to intervention main office building to branch office building and remote locations. Given that we are huge on security you can expect the safest VPN, LANA and WALL. Given the large value to this project we will not cut corners on your project by only using the best of the best hardware and software to fit the parameters of this very important project. Within our suggestions to you we will also offer to update any physical securities within your locations in order to match it to the new securities that we offer for your new network.

Interchange Network Design cannot stress enough our love for securing not only your network but your physical location as well. It gives an extra added value to your company and safe guards the business on a whole. We find it important to keep safe the business by securing the profit and the way in which you do your business. Explain what the client can expect from your services. What you can expect from Interchange Network Design is a complete Market Research on your company and your industry by way of Market Research. Com. The marketing we do is handled by (Marketplace. Mom, 2013) which is one of the rimier research companies that will analyze your industry and your business and then give a detail report back to us in a form of a SOOT analysis that will outline your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We will also strictly abide by your project purpose as if it is our own. We will always make suggestions where safety and security is vulnerable. We not only pay attention to your logical security but also your physical security within the business structure. We pay close attention strictly followed. No changes will be made to your project unless approved.

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