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Science in my world

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Information The Science of Baseball In my world, I am an avid fan of many sports but most importantly thesport of baseball. I have played baseball on numerous occasions and have been a part of several teams where we have been quite successful. Although the sport is fun to play and fun to watch, there is definitely an active aspect of science associated with every portion of the game. For instance, the pitcher’s bodily mechanics have everything to do with how easily or difficult a pitch it thrown, where it is placed and it will impact whether the hitter is able to connect on the ball or not. One key concept is called the sequential summation of movement in which heavier objects are able to increase the speed at which smaller attached objects move (Exploratorium. edu). For this reason, the pitcher’s bodily movements are a critical component to how fast the ball will be released and thrown towards the hitter. If the pitcher’s momentum through using his legs to push off of the mound is at a greater force, so too should be the force and speed at which the ball is released as long as the arms, shoulders and hand release the ball at the optimum position during the movement.
Another key component to baseball has been the explosion of curve balls and the extent to which a ball can be thrown straight but through its overall release the ball can actually curve away from the straight-line pathway. A scientific research study tested whether a curve ball actually does curve and “ the results indicated that it is possible to make a ball curve as much as 18 inches away from a straight line within a distance of 60 feet, six inches” (ProjectView. org). Through gripping the baseball a particular way and releasing the ball with the right controlled movements, a pitcher is able to make a ball travel in a straight pathway but curve after enough full revolutions have been completed. All of this is very interesting because it changes how the game can be viewed and alters how players should play the game. If careful analysis is performed and a critique of physical movements is made, science can help all players and coaches perform at the optimum level possible.
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