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School hour change

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Did you know that the school board is going to change the school hours from 8: 30-3: 30 to 9: 30-4: 30? Not only do you get an extra hour of sleep, but also you get a whopping 4? hours of sleep! But you have to realize that even one hour of extra sleep can do a lot. First I will discuss the issue of having an extra hour of sleep. I bet you thought that only little amounts of sleep made you cranky…

and you thought wrong! Well, any pattern change in amounts of sleep makes you cranky. Imagine how many altercations there will be. Also, guess how many kids will fall asleep in class? A lot! In the midst of all this sleepiness, imagine how your test scores will be. Because of you being sleepy, test scores will rapidly drop. What would other school boards think? Finally, with your “ whopping 4? hours of sleep”, how is homework going to get done? Also, how will sports activities get done? Just imagine the catastrophe that will happen because we made the school hours an hour later! The school board says that this will be a good idea, but it isn’t! First there will be a schoolwide moodswing. Then, there will be sloppy test scores.

Then, there will be a horrible overall homework score. Even an hour extra of sleep can destroy you!

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