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School food

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Our school food has become a real problem, let’s face it.

Students are no longer eating because of the horrible food they are serving us. They think oh we will give them healthier food, it will be better for the obesity rate in america but that’s just wrong. Many kids don’t eat which is completely unhealthy. Either they don’t eat at all or they are eating out of a vending machine. That is unhealthy due to the fact students are getting the needed nutrients to go a full day of school. At my school the food is hard, burnt, or cold and evening causing some food poisoning.

It is unsafe and unhealthy. Many students don’t even eat breakfast because we wake up too early to be hungry and by the time we eat it is to late to eat, due to the point there is no food available other than vending machine food, and some teachers don’t let you eat or drink (including water) in their class rooms. Even though the have a bottle of water with them at all times. It doesn’t feel like the Ms. Obama is trying to help us out and help with obesity due to the fact she is causing students not to eat.

Before she came into office we had nice meals like mac & cheese, spaghetti, nice salad, and soup, real chicken, and other nice meals that were nicely cooked. Students actually look forwards to holiday times due to the fact they will get lunch for the nice cookies they serve and Thanksgiving meals they serve. We want our food back. McDonald’s is changing the way the are feeding people but schools should be a place where we can eat. If you ever think about it some kids don’t have food when they get home because they don’t have money to buy food.

Therefore they need to be able to eat at school, plus not everyone has the money to buy a meal from the vending machines everyday. Change our food, students won’t leave to get food and they will be more focused because they aren’t hungry. That way there brains will be funicating.

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