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School budget cuts

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Budget cuts in schools affect many people. The New York State budget for education has been but by $1. 3 billion dollars and in result 18, 000 to 20, 000 teachers are losing their jobs. schools are also cutting the arts programs and the sports, along with after school clubs and educational field trips. This affects the future because the students are the future.

The government needs to put money back in the budget for education. Without it children are not getting the full education they deserve. New York State education budget has been cut by $1. 3 billion dollars, the schools plans are to make class sizes and cut electives and extracurriculars. Along with doing this schools are laying off 18, 000-20, 000 teachers. Also due to the budget cuts the schools need to rely on local property taxes because state aid is being cut.

Which starts to not only affect students but the working class and homeowners too. The Averill Park School District has cut after school buses, so now many students can’t do clubs or stay after for extra help from teacher. Budget cuts in education affects the students. Also the future, because the students are the future. The government needs to put money back into the budget because without it students can’t get their full education which keeps them from a better future and a better life . If schools plan on making classes bigger but they cut the teachers then each student may not get the full attention they need or help.

Also if schools plan on cutting sports they are also cutting scholarship opportunities for students to get into college. So by schools cutting all this they are also cutting out a better future for the students. This could all shape America’s future also, because out of all these students being affected by the budget cuts some could be our future leaders. Many people believe that we should keep the budget cuts in place because they believe that it is okay to take money from the education budget to keep New York out of debt. Governor Coumo even believes that the budget cuts are okay because the schools can just survive off of taxes instead of state aid, but this may not be possible for most schools because they need state aid to continue running.

If they take away state aid in the budget cuts then the taxes will need to be raised by three percent. Also if they take away state aid then many schools may start to close because they do not have the money to stay open. I believe the government needs to put money back in our budget for education and stop making budget cuts. New York State has take $1. 3 billion dollars from the budget for education; cutting teachers, clubs, and courses. Many people believe these budgets are necessary because they think it’s helping New York save money, when truthfully all it’s doing is depriving children from a full education and a strong future.

If schools continue cutting courses they are also cutting the future of the children.

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