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Dear Sir/Madam, In response to the available positions listed with SAP, I would like to be considered primarily for the Assistant UKI Marketing placement, with a second choice of the Small and Medium Enterprise(SME) Marketing position. As a second year student at University, I am looking to transfer my marketing and communication skills into a business environment. I have accumulated relevant marketing qualities through previous work experiences and numerous university modules. During my time with I endeavoured to observe how their company marketed the brand and to whom they were targeting their products.

I learnt how to effectively advertise specific products, as well as how to preserve a positive brand image. At university I have studied marketing in modules such as marketing research, the history of marketing and marketing in the supply chain. I have worked individually as well as within groups, and I have taken great interest in studying these modules. I would like to expand upon my skills within SAP and I believe my current marketing expertise would work as valuable assets for your company.

I hold a great interest in the software solutions industry, and I admire SAP’s constant renovation and development of its products in the market. The pure depth and quality of SAP’s product range also really caught my eye. I also approve of the ethical and eco friendly ways that SAP has laid its foundations; certain services that SAP provide can facilitate other companies keeping frequent track of their environmental targets and therefore SAP is contributing towards a more eco friendly world.

My ambition is to be a successful marketing director in the future and an industrial placement with SAP would really propel my skills to achieve that. However, I am confident that it wouldn’t just be me benefiting, I believe my positive energy and my ability to adapt to new situations would really strengthen the SAP marketing team. SAP are an inspiring and successful brand in the UK and worldwide software solutions industries. In the increasingly competitive environment, SAP are innovating fresh, enterprising marketing avenues.

For example, the sponsorship of the ATP SAP San Jose Open tennis tournament particularly stood out to me. I really hope I am given the chance to use my youth and enthusiasm to contribute towards these new ideas. I hope your review of this application is successful and that it can be followed up with potential personal interviews. I will be available at your personal convenience. Thankyou for your time and consideration, I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely

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