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Blink brow bar operates in the service industry where is offers plenty of services to its clients. The luxury services offered serve a variety of clients with specific needs. The service provider has a distinct promise to the clients. This paper addresses various aspects concerning the level of service provision. This will edge towards the company’s promises to the clients as stated in the goals and objective statement of the business. The company has a special promise to its clients, which involves serving them appropriately by ensuring provision of beauty services for affordable terms. The service provider employs distinct methods to ensure that it keeps its promise to the clients. This paper will address the aspects of service marketing triangle in the manner in which they relate to Blink Brow Bar. The elements of perception will be highlighted which include tangibles, responsiveness, reliability assurance and empathy. This is necessary to provide the scope of activity that reflects the promise of the service provider to the clients. Service marketing triangle analysis will be utilized in carrying out an analysis of the operations and activities of blink brow bar in service delivery. The recommendation given will enable the company to act appropriately where necessary in order to adjust on areas where gaps exist. This will enable determination of its competitiveness in the industry. The conclusion summarizes the findings and the analysis made in this regard.


Blink brow bar drop-in service provides fast and painless treatment for time-poor girls and men in needs of professional, glamorous eyebrows that have a better definition and fabulous shape. Besides this, the company also provides an extensive range of services including nail services (manicure and pedicure), brow tinting as well as lash application. The company has well qualified attendants who are competent enough in servicing clients with different needs . The company carries out effective marketing strategies, which are not only advertising but also depicted in the manner in which they carry out their routine assignments. To ensure popularity within the market arena, the company has used various aspects of the service marketing triangle. The company has clear promises, which the staff is trained to deliver. The promises entail attending clients in shaping their brows and executing other related services without inflicting pain on the patients. Notably, the focus is to ensure that the clients receive quality service for increasingly friendly terms. Marketing the brand takes significant forms, which involve creating awareness to the prospective clients especially the young people who are interested in beauty and luxury services. The promise that the company has made has been enabled by undertaking significant business strategies and approaches, which greatly enhance customer satisfaction. This has been responsible for customer loyalty. As a result, the services are provided to repeat customers and visitors who drop in to have an experience of the services offered. Elements of perceptions including tangibles, responsiveness, and reliability among others have been used in enhancing the image and reputation of the service provider (Yelp, 2014). Therefore, this paper thoroughly analyses service proposition by the company in terms of service marketing triangle and elements of perceptions as adopted in enhancing activities and operations.

Services marketing triangle

Promise made to clients
Blink brow bar promises the customers quality services for increasingly affordable terms. The services are divided into different categories. This has been done in order to meet the market needs as different clients have specific needs. The external marketing activities carried out by the company increasingly promote the image of the company since it makes attractive promises. Essentially, services are offered to male and female clients. Therefore, there is a wide range of services. However, the major areas of operation involve provision of beauty and luxury services . The business aims to ensure that clients receive the best services without inflicting the slightest pain upon them. This is a necessary strategy, which has been adopted in order to attract customers. Essentially, pain free treatment is a significant strategy in the beauty industry, which motivates clients to visit and get the desirable services. The customers are promised quality services in which case they pay low rates for the services rendered. Timely services are offered based on customer requirements in order to ensure fast service delivery. This improves the reputation of the company with regard to service delivery and meeting customer demands. As part of the promise of the company, timely execution of pain free treatment has been significant in increasing the marketability of the services of the company. Generally, the company seeks to innovate and develop new and more improved beauty services. This is done by carrying out market research and using the feedback to make adjustments in the services offered in order to increase demand. Based on the objectives of the company, the promise is to offer quality beauty services for increasingly favorable terms (Yelp, 2014). Services are tailored to suit different category clients. As such, it is clear that there is a variety of services to choose from regardless of the social status, gender and other demographic attributes.

How the company keeps the promise

Notably, Blink Brow Bar has adopted distinct approaches, which are aimed at ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the promise. Competent experiences and well qualified staff are engaged to carry out the routine tasks in the company premises. This implies that the company secures staff that is competent in undertaking the necessary tasks. The company continually trains existing and new staff on the different approaches to handle the clients (Time out. London, 2014). For instance, the staff is trained on how to communicate with the clients in order to ensure that they are well addressed when they visit for the services. This is a strategy, which aims to gain and retain customer loyalty. Proper communication within the service industry is deterministic of the success of the business. The staff is also trained on the specific tasks that they carry out based on customer specification. This ensures that they gain the skills and competency necessary to serve customers to satisfaction . The company carries out through market research in order to identify possible opportunities in the market to develop beauty services that greatly appeal to customers. The company staff uses well designed tools to carry out the beautifying assignments in order to ensure that clients do not experience painful episodes in the course of treatment. The staff is also provided with effective substances, which are applied on clients to ensure that the outcome of the service is highly desirable. This ensures that customers are well served, based on their specific needs. Essentially, the company also sets affordable prices for the services offered in order increase the demand for services. Therefore, the promise is being kept by ensuring that effective approaches are developed in handling clients.

Enabling promises

Blink Brow Bar keeps its promise by demonstrating consistency in the specific areas that it has promised to address. This shows that the company is customer focused. Essentially, its business orientation entails ensuring consistency with the industry operations in order to remain competitive. The employees are nurtured as appropriate in order to ensure that they deliver to the customer expectation . The company adopts a competitive compensation approach for employees in order to keep them motivated to work objectively. This implies that the company promise is highly enabled by the ethical considerations that revolve around offering the customers services based on the promise and meeting the compensation expectations of the employees. In the external marketing activities, the company demonstrates the mode of service delivery, which clearly reflects the real exercise in the business premises. This suggests that the promise made by the company is underpinned by developing effective strategies used in handling customers and employees. The organization trains employees and provides them with the necessary work tools and substances in order to ensure that the promise is enabled. This keeps the customers satisfied since the employees have effective working tools. The company also provides a suitable workplace environment. The workplace premises are well equipped with the right facilities, which facilitate the work of the employees. As such, internal marketing is playing a significant role in ensuring that the clients receive services as per their expectations. The management provides a suitable environment for interaction between the clients and the staff (Time out. London, 2014). This has been important as it contributes to gaining and sustaining customer loyalty. Delivery of the promise has been enabled by establishing an effective communication channel within the business. There is notable flexibility in communication to ensure the right approaches are undertaken in striking a balance between the needs of the employees and the clients.

Elements of perception

In marketing, there are distinct elements of perception. They involve determination of the behaviors that a consumer adopts because of influence created through marketing activities. Blink brow bar has embarked in creation of a positive impression in the business in order to attract customers. This has been done through establishing distinct approaches, which ensure that the customer develops a positive impression of the company even before they get the service.


Blink Brow Bar has plenty of tangible assets to utilize in order to ensure that it serves the clients effectively. Blink Brow Bar has strategically located business premises that are readily accessible by the clients. This creates a positive impression upon customers.. The company has plenty of comfortable set of furniture, which is customizable in order to enable the customers to sit at the right position or angle so that the process of treatment and service delivery goes on smoothly. Notably, the business premises are properly equipped with essential items necessary in this form of business. There are mirrors placed in most places of the premises in order to enable the customers to view the results of the service offered. This provides a platform on which to determine whether the staff does a competent job or not. There are well designed tools which enable threading and the trimming exercises commonly done within the premises. The company also has special machines, which are used in instances where specialized services are being offered (Blink. 2014). This is important in ensuring that the customers are served based on the specific needs that they present. This indicates that the equipment and facilities installed enhance efficiency in service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. The company also employs computerized information management systems in order to ensure that they can keep records about data and information collected. This creates an impression of efficacy in the eyes of the clients. It creates the perception that the company is customer oriented and seeks to record important data, which can be used in researching customer needs.


The staff is highly responsive to customer requests. The company has employed competent staff members who understand various customer concerns. In delivering the promise, the staff seeks to fulfill customer demands by enquiring from them the type of service they need and the specific attributes of the service they require to be employed. The staff is well trained on how to respond to the customer service requests whereby they are able to modify them appropriately to exceed the expectations of the customers. This creates positive image concerning the competence of the staff in performing as per customer requests. Responsiveness is also depicted in the area of management . The issues raised by employees are thoroughly analyzed in order to determine the appropriate approaches to address any possible challenges, which could negatively affect the business. As such, management responds appropriately to employee concerns in order to ensure establishment of a workplace environment that motivates the employees to execute their tasks appropriately as desirable. Market research conducted in the areas of operations of the organization triggers the development of appropriate responsive measures in order to ensure that the prevailing conditions are addressed appropriately . This ensures that the organization continually seeks to increase effectiveness. However, there are notable deficiencies in the manner of expansion into new markets. This limits the scope of operations of the business. It is therefore recommendable that the company responds to the new opportunities created by increased demand for the services that it offers. As such, it is necessary to venture into unreached or underserved markets in London and other appropriate places.


Blink brow bar has demonstrated high levels of reliability so far. Since inception, it has worked devotedly towards delivering its promise to the client. This is evident from the various reviews that different customers give about the company’s commitment to deliver the promise. Essentially, the staff is trained on the different, easy to tailor customer needs, so that they suit their preference. This makes the business highly reliable since it serves customer interests appropriately. Based on the feedback from the customers, it is clear that the company business strategy is suitable for enhancing customer service. The company commits to provide services without causing the least harm or pain on the clients. This creates an impression of a customer-oriented business (Blink, 2014). As such, it sets an avenue for attraction of diverse customer groups who call in for different services. The customers are sure to receive the best possible service since previously served customers have recommended the company for competence in delivering customer expectations. This is attributable to the level of satisfaction customers gain once they have been served in Blink Brow Bar. The business is reliable in the aspect of proper staff training. This is because newly recruited staff are trained and directed on how to handle customers with due consistency to the company promise for the customers. This sets a foundation for development of skills and techniques necessary for the employees to perform commendable tasks. As such, the company services are highly reliable since they meet the customer expectations appropriately as desirable. This has been because of the devotion to deliver the promise and establish lasting business relationships.


The mission statement of the company assures the clients of quality services to by making flawless beauty treatments affordable. The company assures the clients that it is their right to get beauty treatment. This implies that they do not consider quality beauty treatment given to the clients as a privilege. The company assures the clients of availability of demanded services throughout. This has been enhanced through development of various services including threading, facial treatment, eyelash extensions and eyebrow tint, aromatherapy and manicures as well as pedicures. The customers are assured of a pain free treatment that produces results exactly or even beyond customer expectations. This is a motivating factor, which draws substantial numbers of customers. The business philosophy assures affordability of the services offered to the customers (Time out. London, 2014). Notably, it clear that from the objectives of the business, clients are sure to receive the necessary care in order to achieve maximum satisfaction. The management also assures the staff of better compensation terms in order to motivate them to carry out their tasks skillfully and achieve the desirable results. The outcomes of the staff assignments are highly deterministic of the future decisions of the clients. As such, the business management assures the staff of good compensation terms in order to ensure that they carry out their duties as desirable. Based on the recommendations by customers, it is clear that the assurances made by the company are well met when serving the clients. Customers have found it convenient to use the Blink Brow Bar services, as they are cheap and well affordable. The clients are assured high quality for affordable terms, which they have witnessed in service delivery and payment for the services.


Blink brow bar has demonstrated the aspect of empathy in its operations in order to boost the perceptions developed by the clients. The staff members have been trained to put themselves in the shoes of the clients so that they can be able to understand them better. In this regard, the staff has a greater ability to understand specific customer position in order to serve them appropriately regardless of the terms offered. This is aimed at ensuring that customers develop a positive perception regarding the business and the attendants in order to enhance loyalty. The training sessions held by management ensure that the employees are trained on how they can see through the eyes of their clients and respond appropriately in order to establish a business relationship that is able to last long. In the course of execution of duties, the staff continuously learns to accommodate different category clients in the appropriate context so that they can serve them appropriately as desirable (Yelp, 2014). This is done through the mode of communication that the staff employs in addressing clients. For instance, the staff members are soft-spoken and depict high level of attentiveness when conversing with clients in order to show them that they are highly concerned. This depicts the readiness of the staff to serve them according to their demands. Empathizing with different category clients has so far resulted to notable success in the business. The idea of empathy has also been extended to various other stakeholders. This creates an environment where all the members are concerned about the position and status of the others. As a result, it has been possible to develop effective relationships among the different stakeholders of the business.


Based on the current position of the business, it is highly recommendable to seek expansion opportunities since the popularity of the company has grown in different places. As such, it should establish new branches in different towns in the home country
It is necessary to ensure that constant reviews are made on the services in order to make necessary adjustment that suit customers the best. This implies that it is necessary to change the nature of the services by increasing the features attributed to particular services so that they can appeal more to customers.
It is highly recommendable to carry out through extensive research in order to identify the demographic factors of the people in the surrounding and beyond. This is necessary as it enhances the ability of the business to innovate and come up with new services that serve specific market groups.
The company should enhance its image and reputation by implementing information systems in management of affairs in which case customers can be given an opportunity to make appointments. This can be done by establishing an online marketplace where customers can check the services offered and terms. The virtual market site should be customizable so that it offers an opportunity to clients to book appoints in advance. This will help increase efficiency in operations
It is recommendable that blink brow bar devise more efficient approaches to deliver the promises made to the customers. This would ensure that the promises are underpinned by appropriate strategies, which increase the level of customer satisfaction.
It is recommended that the business organize its operations into departments of treatment to ensure that certain services are offered within specific departments. This will help increase efficiency in the routine operations of the business.
It is necessary to diversify the service portfolio by establishing new operations that deal in complementary products. This will ensure that there is creation of a value chain to simplify the operational procedures and cuts on certain costs


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