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Sally gall

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Sally Gall is best known for her ethereal photographs which can be both serene and ominous at once. Born in Washington D. C. in 1956, Sally Gall graduated from Reed College and received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1972. Although she travels extensively, Gall maintains her base in New York City. The ethereal photographs that Gall is known for are mostly black and white photographs of nature. Despite taking shots of mostly landscapes, Gall has been able to capture and enhance the ever-changing play of light, water and land.

For example, “ Bruges” and “ Quadrant” which among her bestsellers and part of Water Edge Series. “ Bruges” is set off by an interplay of crystalline stillness of the water and the reflection of the Belgian trees in the water, thereby creating a balance and making it appear to the viewer that the reflection may be reflections of the mirror. Sally Gall gained her fame for landscape photography of formal gardens, seascapes and framed topography all throughout Europe.

Her subjects are then made as focus of romanticism and simplicity and the beauty of nature. Unlike other photographers, Sally Gall uses her subjects not merely as subject but instead invest it with its own mood, in the process, building an impressive array of unique images. This may be attributed to Galls extensive travel, often going to places far from human habitation in order to “ create timeless photographs that conjure up mystery, longing and trepidation to her viewers. ” (artnet. com)

Furthermore, Gall has also completed an extensive series of Diana camera images of European formal gardens in the mid-1980s and then switched to the Hasselblad- maintaining the square format but altering the focus and technical quality of her work significantly. (Saul) Apart from capturing these wonderful still-life images, Sally Gall also taught abroad and in the United States. Her works had been exhibited all through out the United States and Europe and are part of numerous public and private collections such as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.


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