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Organizational Behavior Seminar 3 Homework Assignment 1: Motivating the Sales force at Wheelworks What is motivation? In general, what is the relationship between job performance, motivation, ability and environment? What are the relationships among these factors at Wheelworks? Motivation is the set of forces that leads people to behave in particular ways. Performance equals motivation plus ability plus environment.

As stated on page 90 (Griffin & Moorhead), to reach high levels of performance, an employee must want to do the job well (motivation), must be able to do the job effectively (ability), and must have the materials, resources, equipment, and information required to do the job (environment). At Wheelworks all the employees are motivated by their knowledge of biking, their love of biking, and they have the ability and environment to share their passion with others, as well as to teach and train others the proper way to utilize biking to their advantage.

What is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Discuss each of the five levels as it might apply to the salespeople at Wheelworks. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are broken up into five categories: (page 93 Griffin & Moorhead) Self-Actualization Needs Esteem Needs Belongingness Needs Security Needs Physiological Needs These five needs are broken up into two groups. The top two are growth needs, because they focus on personal growth and development, the bottom three are deficiency needs, because they must be satisfied for the individual to be fundamentally comfortable.

Selling bikes to customers is a sign of achievement, which is as self-actualization need. Having the title of Sales Woman is a status, which is an esteem need. Working together to ensure customer’s needs are met is a friendship or work group, which is a belongingness need. Knowing that the workers have benefits and insurance and bonuses are given is stability, which is a security need. Knowing that the workers are paid an actual salary, without having to work on commission is sustenance, which is a physiological need. What are Herzberg’s motivation and hygiene factors?

Can these conceptualizations be applied to the sales force at Wheelworks? Explain. Motivation factors are intrinsic to the work itself and include factors such as achievement and recognition: (page 96 Griffin & Moorhead) Achievement Recognition The work itself Responsibility Advancement and growth Hygiene factors are extrinsic to the work itself and include factors such as pay and job security: Supervision Working conditions Interpersonal relationships Pay and job security Company policies Yes, Herzberg’s motivation and hygiene factors can be applied to the sales force at Wheelworks.

Each employee in the video had both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The intrinsic factor focused on the customer and how they could show them the correct way to bike. The extrinsic factor focused on the job that they loved to do, even if the pay wasn’t the best, they were doing what they loved to do! Of the people featured in the video, excluding the owners, which one do you think has the highest need for achievement? Which do you believe has the highest need for power? Explain your answers. I feel that Kurt Begemann has the highest need for achievement.

He was a professional bicyclist in Europe, and has the most to prove. He is very competitive according to Doug Shoemaker in the video and hates to be out done. As far as the highest need for power, that is a tough one. It again could be Kurt Begemann, due to his competitiveness, or it can be Juliana Popper, due to her stating that she is in a man’s world in the video. She wants to prove that not only can she talk “ shop” about bikes, but she is also an avid cyclist herself. She wants to prove she can work side by side with any man.

Everyone in the video seems to think that commission-based compensation would result in a less-satisfied customer base. Do you agree? Can you think of a scenario in which commission-based compensation would result in a more satisfied customer base? Explain your reasoning. I do agree that a commission-based compensation would lead to less satisfied customers. As the video indicated, if the sales force worked on commission, they would be like sharks going after the customers as they walked in the door. I don’t feel the quality of customer service would be there as much as the quality they could sell would.

A good commission-based job would be selling life insurance. Not only would it benefit the sales person, but it would also help the consumer. The consumer would get the best of the best for benefits and the sales person would be happy to make the commission and help the customer with a life changing decision. Which one of the approaches to motivation discussed in Chapter 5 most reflects the way that Wheelworks motivates its employees? Do you think Wheelworks has chosen the best approach for their environment? Why or why not?

I believe empowerment is the way Wheelworks motivates their employees. Wheelworks give their employees the ability to make decisions on what is best for the customer and not just the company or themselves. The sales team at Wheelworks sets goals for themselves and then tries to out do what they have set. They work together to meet and exceed each other’s goals (competitive teamwork). I do feel that Wheelworks has made the best choice for their environment, because the employees feel as if they truly belong and they are doing what comes naturally to them.

They see themselves making a conscience effort to train potential cyclist on the rights and wrongs of bikes. They help out by showing them what they can do to make sure they are not hurting themselves and will not hurt themselves. What is the difference between goal acceptance and goal commitment? What, if any, evidence of these do you see at work in the video? Goal acceptance is the extent to which a person accepts a goal as his or her own. Goal commitment is the extent to which a person is personally interested in reaching a goal. (Page 152 Griffin & Moorhead)

In the video, “ Motivating the Sales Force at Wheelworks”, all the employees were committed to customer satisfaction. What they were doing was not just a goal that was set for them by the owners, but a personal goal they set for themselves in order to make the customer more knowledgeable. The employees loved their jobs and their passion for cycling was very critical to their own goals of inspiration to others. (Copyright Griffin & Moorhead 10th Edition Organizational Behavior Managing People and Organizations) (Houghton Mifflin Company: Motivating the Sales Force at Wheelworks)

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