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Rutgers university

? In life, it is very important to improve inany way possible. During my past four years in high school, I have used mytalents and abilities in order to help benefit others and improve my community. Sincechildhood, I have always been very creative and artistic in all of my endeavorsboth academic and extra-curricular. In addition, I have always been avery enthusiastic student and have had a strong interest and desire to learnnew things. I have the difficult of being the second. I will be the second one in my family who isgoing to attend college.

I have a sister goes to college far away from me, Irealize it will not be easy. Without having anyone around to advise me aboutthe new life I will face, I have had to figure out everything by myself. If I amto make a mistake in selecting a college, I will bear the full burden of thatmistake. As I begin to realize this, I understand thatI will need to find the inner strength and self-reliance to face difficultchanges alone, but I know I have the personal strength to do this. In addition, because I am the second in my family to be educated abroad, my fifteen year oldbrother looks up to me in awe. He fully accepts to follow in my footsteps andto be educated in the legendary land that I am constantly speaking of. As aresult, I must be careful in what I do since he will follow in my tracks.

Thinking about these consequences, I decided that nothing would be easy for me, but whatever I faced, I would never give up. With the hopes of my littlebrother on the line, I am not going to thwart him dreams of studying in thestates. WhenI first saw the booklet of University of Rutgers Newark on my counselor™sdesk, I knew right away that this was the school I wanted to be part of. TheUniversity of Rutgers Newark offers me much more than an education. It also offers me theopportunity to learn how to be an individual who can fulfill society™sneeds both now and in the future. I knew that I would fit in the dynamic, inventive atmosphere.

Since the responsibility of being the second isgreat, I believe that University of Rutgers Newark, with many students insimilar situations, would provide me the support I need to excel in this veryimportant academic community. If I am admitted to the college, I will not foolaround tryingto get situated; instead, I will work to integrate myself into the campuscommunity from the very beginning to become a contributing member of my class. Ina familiar environment surrounded by people who share my drive anddetermination, I will work to display the strength and eagerness to learn andto achieve in my eyes. My success in the lessons and achievements in friendshipwill be enough to recognize me in hundreds of students. I will be the secondperson in my family who attends a college in the states that knows theprivilege of being second.


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