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Romanov family essay

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The first point about source J is the fact that it had been written more recently than all the other sources.

It had been written over 75 years since the murder had occurred. Being written recently the advances in modern technology would have helped greatly to solve what had happened to the Tsar and his family. This source adds strong and conclusive evidence to back up other sources, when at the same time giving a new angle and questions to others. This source gives us a extract from a newspaper from December 1994. This source told the readers about the recent discoveries and shed light on to a problem that the people of that time would not have seen, this was because the source had been written by an independent author after the USSR had separated.

This means that there should have not been any sign of biased data. So this means that the source should be quite reliable. Starting with source A, it is a report from a American Newspaper in December 1918. It describes the findings of Judge Sergeyev.

But theses two sources give very different conclusions. Source J states that “ Nicolas, his wife, and three of their daughters. ” Were only found in the grave. This would mean that the Tsars son and other daughter were not killed with the rest of their family. This is the reason why there bodies have not yet been discovered.

Source A states that “ The Tsar, the family doctor, two servants, and the maid were shot. ” It is possible for both sources to be true, but yet highly unlikely because many people would not kill people separately, at different times and locations. Then bury some of the bodies in one place and bury some of the others in a different place. Now source B, both sources A, B are from the same questionable source that is from Judge Sergeyev. Source B is an extract written by the British ambassador, Sir Charles Elliot who had been investigating the murder of the Tsar and his family in 1918.

The reason for this report was to inform the British Government of what had been going on in Russia at that time. There is a major amount of irony when comparing the two sources B, J. Because source B claims that “ No corpses were discovered, nor any trace of them being burned. “ But the source J actually describes was the bodies of the Royal family are, this shatters source B. Source C is an extract from the book written by Judge Sokolov on the investigation to find out how the Romanov family had been murdered.

This is the first source that tells us what had happened to the bodies of the Romanov family after they had been murdered. It says “ A lorry carried the corpses to the four brother’s mine. Then were the bodies “ Chopped into pieces and burned with the aid of petrol and sulphuric acid. ” This source does not tell us if the pieces had been buried or not.

When on the other hand source J states the bodies where buried in “ a shallow pit burial”, but then says when the mine failed to collapse, the bodies where then put back on the lorry. Then the lorry became bogged down in a swap and the remains were buried right there. The word “ bodies” had been used, not the pieces of bodies. Also the fact that it does not even tell us if the bodies had been buried form the bogged lorry or if they have still been in the lorry.

Either way it still contradicts source C. Source D are some notes that were written from a whites interview with Pavel Medvedev. The Bolsheviks were in charge of looking after the Romanov family while they were staying at the Impatiev house. The part that is featured in source D covers a much different aspect of the investigation to the part that is covered in source J and so it is very difficult for source J to have an effect on the reliability of source D . The only part I found relevant was when the nine members walked into the room, the Tsar and his family, the maid, and Dr. Botkin.

Then it states that they were “ lying on the floor” dead. This does not properly contradict source J, but if the whole family had been shot and killed why weren’t they buried in the same place and time. Source E’s extract is from a history book that had been published in 1991, this source contains information about the murder from Medvedev’s wife. The only member of the Romanov family that was mentioned in this source was the Tsar. There is little to compare source J to in this source.

Source F gives an image as the source; it is an image of the Basement room in the Impatiev house where supposed shooting or the Tsar and his family took place. There is also little that can be compared from this source to source J Source G is an artist interpretation of the death of the Tsar, based on the whites investigation. It was made to show us how the author thought the Tsar had died. As with sources E and F little can be said about the reliability of this source. Source H is a diagram of where the Romanovs and the guards are supposed to have been standing.

It comes from the same book by Judge Sokolov as to source C. This source had been published in 1924. This source does not tell us how they were killed or where they had been killed. This source does not even identify were the Romanov family members had been standing. Finally source I is a message that had been sent by the Ural Soviet to the Petrograd Soviet.

This had occurred on the 20th July 1918. This source talks about the Tsars wife and son still being alive and safe, one could say this is the most confusing source. I do not believe this source as to all other sources contradict with it. I just fail to see Why the Ural Soviet had lied about the Tsars wife and son still being alive. In conclusion I have found out that source J seems to ask more questions than it can solve, it puts many doubts over who was killed where and when.

Putting a very new angle on the murder of the Romanovs.

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