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Road rage

Your full April 4, Road Rage Not all road laws are defined by the government. Drivers need to define their dos and don’ts so that they can escape dangerous situations on road. This mini-paper will discuss some kinds of distractions that can create dangerous situations on the road way.
Cell phone distractions are the major cause of road accidents and casualties. When they eyes are on the cell phone or one hand is busy holding it to the ear, the situation becomes dangerous when a critical turn or an emergency move is to be made. Thus, the car crashes or runs over some pedestrian.
Reading while driving is also very dangerous as the concentration is diverted toward the magazine or book the person has put in front of him or is holding. Even if he is looking at the road map, that is still dangerous.
When a person is eating while driving, his attention is toward the meal and not on the road. He is busy un-wrapping the food, opening tins and cans, chewing and spilling the food over, and cleaning the mess. This grabs most of the driver’s attention. Chatting with other people in the car, turning to look at the back seat, leaning in the car to grab something, and looking out of the window when a person in the car points at something, are other dangerous acts a driver can do.
Hence, drivers must watch their activities while driving and should abide by necessary dos and don’ts of driving to keep others and themselves safe.

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