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Risk management

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Pizza rush is a large take-away company in Australia with a total of to take-away stores scattered in all major cities nationwide Two months ago pizza rush ‘s reputation is damaged by two workers who recorded themselves with a mobile phone camera while doing unpleasant things with foods and the video was uploaded on YouTube video website. Pizza rush has rented an agency for doing a public relation campaign to rescue and to save their damaged reputation with that public relation campaign.

Agency and pizza rush ‘s managers decided to use internet for hat campaign and the agency planned an e-mailing campaign to reach and present to their existing and potential customers also called as stakeholders. This e-mail will include a promotional offer and a video link which is linked to e-mail and the video will present a speech belonging to pizza rush ‘s CEO, Mr. rand HOFFMANN.

The promotional offer will be a cinema pass including two people; if receivers want to get that ticket, they must purchase any meal from any pizza rush take away stores; the meal must value at least $20 and they must show the promotion code which will sent o customers via that e-mail.

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