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Riddles – college essay

There are a lot of riddles which a person can find to solve. Riddles have been solved from time immemorial and thus many people also solve it for the purpose of developing their brain. There are a lot of benefits and advantages which the riddles will have on people of all age groups, It Is fun- the first and the foremost thing about the riddles is that they are very much fun. People love to find out and decode hings which will also educate them at the same time.

It is also a fun way of learning than the normal lectures which can prevent the students from grasping the essence of the topic. Brain training- the solving of riddles from a very young age will make sure that the wit of the child is improving. He is trained to think in more ways than one and thus is able to apply the same technique in his life. It is a form of treatment- for person who are having mental ability problems; this is an exercise hich will help them solve such problems.

The doctor will ask the person riddles which force the person to think and use his brain at an optimal level. He starts with a simple level and increases the level of difficulty which helps the persons. It is very vital that people indulge themselves in games and riddles which need great thinking In order to enhance their memory, focus, attention and flexibility for a sharp mind.

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