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Research proposal on acid rain

This is a researched proposal of what is the acid rain, causes of the acid rain and the effect of the acid rain on the environment in general as well as how the problem of acid rain can be controlled. The acid rain denotes a combination of water droplets that are mixed most notably the excessive amount of nitrogen and sulfur that were released industrial activities and from the cars.
The acid rain was caused by a chemical reaction that contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen compounds when released into the air. These compounds can dissolve quickly with water and form acidic pollutants that can be carried far by wind. A result, they will end up forming part of the snow, rain and fog which is very harmfully to environment (Jakubiak, 93-96). The primary cause of acid rain denotes the activities of human and natural activities. The natural causes are events such as the erupting volcanoes which had some chemicals, mostly sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. However, most of the attention of the public has been focused on the man-made activities, which are the sources of the acid rain. These main activities are such as the burning of fossil fuel that has components of nitrogen and sulfur. Power plants that use fuel such as coal to produce electricity are the majority emitting of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides gas to the atmosphere. Additionally, exhaust from trucks, cars and buses also are releases sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere that leads to the formation of acid rain.
The subject herein attracted my interest because of the impact of acid deposition that has affected aquatic life, forest and the constant rising of soil PH. The damages of forests by acid rain such as the case of Eastern Europe caught my attention, and I had to find the cause of acid rain that leads to mass destruction of forest. Additionally, the reduction of food production globally caught my attention, where the main contributor for food reduction was the increase of acidity of the soil PH (Jakubiak, 87-92).
My research contribution will aim to add more awareness and update the current information on the existing research to the public about the acid rain issues. Therefore, I well mainly focus using the geographic perspective to try to add knowledge since the aim of the research was to educate the public the acid rain and its impact on the environment. To sensitize the public on acid rain, and then we have to answer the question: what causes acid rain? What are some of its impacts on the environment?
During my research period, I am expected to visit at list two affected areas by acid rain and the nearby metrological stations. Once on the site of acid rain affected areas, I will be expected to perform tasks such: take photographs for further analysis, carry soil samples and observe the human activities around the area. In addition, I visit the metrological offices to obtain the some information such as the precipitation patterns for the past one decade and their samples for further analysis.
After correcting all the necessary data as expected to proposed hypothesis. Some of the data will be analyzed by myself and other data will be send to university laboratory for further testing to increase the accuracy of the findings. Finally, I will use both techniques of presenting the information to the public such as simple graphs, charts and tables for ease understanding by the targeted public (Lane, 119-121).
The information will give the clear view of acid rain, what causes acid rain and the impact of acid rain on the environment as well as the control measures to be taken by the public to correct the situation. I have some of the basics analyzing skills. Most of the adjusted data such as data from observations, they need interpretations of which I possess knowledge from learning experiences from the geographical facts in the class. However, some of my data needs such as soil sampling and data from the meteorological needs particular analysis by the specialist scientist in this area to perform the experiments (Lane, 123-125). Consequently, I had to send the data sampling to one of the universities from which I received conclusive information to complain of my other analysis for final analysis and interpretation of information to the public for use.
In conclusion, the acid rain can be controlled by regulating the amount of fossil fuel to the atmosphere and use the alternatives energy. That reduced the sulfur and nitrogen oxides which causes acid rain. In addition, proper measures should be taken to rehabilitate the already damages environment.

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