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I want to open a new concern but I have n’t got any thought about it because there are many concerns all about, eventually the flower store thought comes in my head but I do n’t cognize any thing about flower concern so I make a research on one of the florist store. The name of the concern which I selected for a research is called “ Drake Algar ” which is a flower concern. My nonsubjective in this assignment is to do a research on a flower concern and measure the importance of public presentation and appraisal standards, besides place the cardinal procedures of the selected concern, stipulating what steps can be to taken to command it in order to back up this research with the aims of this administration.

To do a research I done some stairss like in the first portion I briefly Introduce this concern “ Drake Algar ” and compose it Mission statement, in the 2nd portion I discuss their Objective and Performance Activity that how they get information and what are the beginnings of these information in all the functional countries. In the 3rd portion I explain the Issue Of The Management System and Control Techniques. Now in the last I came to the Decision for this concern ( Drake Algar ) , and besides justified the different portion of this organisation.


Drake Algar is a high quality retail merchant store for flower agreements, nuptials and houseplants. It is located in St Johns Wood, London and construct up in ‘ 1937 ‘ . Drake Algar is besides the official florist for MCC ( Melbourne Cricket Club ) and specialises in interior decorator agreements for tabular arraies, shows and corsages. Founded on the St. John ‘ s Wood High Street, Drake Algar Florist is a neighbor of the place of cricket ‘ Lord ‘ and has a client base consisting of little to big corporate, successful professionals and high profile personalities.

This flower concern generates a important measure of their income from the services such as merchandising, telling gift points for particular occasions such as:




Valentines Day

Mothers twenty-four hours

New born babe

Sympathy etc.

Mission Statement

“ We are Smart in the flowery universe ”

Preliminary Review of the Literature

Preliminary Reappraisal

I looked at the other flower concern excessively because I ca n’t depend on one concern and I think this is non the best manner to do a research on one angle. I took many thoughts from these different flower concerns and books related to this research which help me to make my research for a new flower concern.

Marketing Research

By making research on new flower concern Stephanie Beener ( 2008: 25 ) stating in her book “ that the first necessary thing is to seek for the ideal location as it have been seen in many location, most of the flowered store are located on the chief street in many location. This is non necessary but the busy street helps to pull the client from different topographic points in the market. Whenever think of a better locations make certain it is able to be seen topographic point on a high travelled route. A metropolis or town where there is no other flower store is the best stake for deriving the most net incomes from the concern. The following things which need to be consider is the edifice where the new flower store demand to be in it is because some edifices in the Centre of a town or metropolis have flats above them so if this expression uneasy so it need to seek to look for a individual edifice. It is best to look for a edifice that has general comfortss which is required for the store in which we can utilize the forepart room for the clients, a back room for the readying and storage country. An ideal store would besides include a shop forepart so the organizer can expose the agreements for passerby to see ” ( 1 ) .

Fiscal Research

“ When words escape flowers speaks. “ ( Bruce W. Currie ) . In another usher I found some thoughts about finance agreement for the new concern. Alias ( 2008: 138 ) said that “ opening a new flower concern is a great fiscal wages, and a great wages can be achieved by seting more attempt. It means, the more reward acquiring from the clients the more histories will be established and the figure of order from out of the town will besides increase ” ( 2 ) . I besides find some great thought about finance in one of the magazine in this magazine Cheryl Kimball ( 2006: 45 ) said that “ there are two type of money which is needed for the concern at the start-up phases.

Start-up-Money. This is the sum of money which will open the doors for freshly concern. It besides depend that what sort of florist concern to get down because this will greatly impact the sum of money. It is besides of import to hold a three month ‘ s rent which besides include security sedimentation for one month in progress. Many jobbers require new concerns to pay upfront for their first order and set up an history with a low bound after that. It besides need to put up phone and other public-service corporations, acquire recognition card processing gears and hard currency registry etc every bit good. Some supplies will be besides required e. g. thread, boxing stuff, and flowers etc. fundamentally, start-up capital should be adequate to open doors to concern.

Operating Capital. This is money required to maintain concern running at least until is coevals adequate income to convey in gross. The thought behind this is of class, to hold the concern bring forth its ain operating capital and finally a net income excessively. Until this happens, the bringing vehicle will necessitate gas, the phone measure will necessitate to be paid, the store visible radiations will necessitate to come on, and employees will necessitate to acquire a wage on a regular basis ” .

Customer Base Research

After the fiscal research there was a demand to project my clients. The thought of Stephanie Beener ( 2008: 28-29 ) grab my eyes when she claim in her book that “ it is good to pattern when seeking to draw in the clients. It is non good to steal clients from the rivals. The clients can be grab through ask foring offers, advertizements and selling strategies, but it is non good mode to stand in forepart of the other florist store passing out cusp or other advertizements material for your ain flower store. It is besides good thought to utilize household, friends, and other links as regular clients. I can utilize their web to farther spread out my client base. I can besides speak to my schoolmates about it. Hand out concern card any where in the parties or seminars. The clients can be drawing through an advertizement in the Sunday paper. Mailings to local offices, edifices, concerns, and abodes besides help to happen more clients ” .

Stephanie Beener ( 2008: 29 ) besides claim that “ you have to do certain you have solid land to stand on before you open so your concern does non neglect ”

Research Questions And Aims

Research Questions

Her I am traveling to compose those research inquiries which emerged from the background and literature reappraisal. From all the above account some alterations need to be done like.

Who is the most influential rival to this florist concern?

Drake Algar is located in St John wood high street ( Central London ) and has two rivals which do the same florist concern, Melissa Riva Flower ltd and Hanna Lee florist but the client rate of both the stores as comparison to Drake Algar are really low it is because both the stores are off from the high street.

What selling techniques are their rivals presently using?

Both the rivals have n’t got the web site for their concern but both of them are be aftering to set up a web page for their concern.

Are the workers of “ Drake Algar ” happy and motivated?

Yes the workers of Drake Algar are really happy because the direction is really friendly and the workers get a best wages of their work.

Are their clients satisfied?

98 % of the clients are satisfied from the services they get, they give first-class services to their clients by presenting the flowers bouquet on clip and in good status with low monetary values. They besides charge their client for the bringing.


The chief aim of this flower store “ Drake Algar ” is to supply clients with perfect services, high quality flowers and the most beautiful agreements that will go on to wow and astonish them all. In the consequence they are acquiring proud of their group of private and corporate clients and look frontward to that list turning into the hereafter. “ Aims give the concern a clearly defined mark. Plans can so be made to accomplish these marks. This can actuate the employees. It besides enables the concern to mensurate the advancement towards to its stated purposes.

Research Plane

Design & A ; Data Collection Methods

For me research design is the basic construction of research it self, it is like a gum that hold all portion of the subject in a research undertaking together. I developed this design is such manner that enables me to sum up a complex design construction expeditiously. This design besides shows how these theoretical accounts integrate in the Drake Algar procedure model. The undermentioned fig put some shadow of all the above subdivision of Drake Algar in this procedure.

Greater client keeping by offering matchless service

Greater up merchandising and package merchandising

Selling low labors intensive points and migrating clients onto the cyberspace

Gross saless developing for staff

Selling more to bing clients

Increased go throughing trade by better merchandise arrangement and selling

Greater community engagement and formation of local strategic confederations

Database selling

Proactive juncture selling

Targeting the PA/Secretary market

I collect all of my informations for this research through “ Observation Method ” . I observed all the behavioral form of this concern which I am making my research on in a really systematic mode. In this experimental method I played different functions as a participant for this research. In this participant observation I was portion of the group which being investigated by me. I work efficaciously as employee alongside with other employees. It was non easy for me being observer I face many job but I note one thing that friendly relationship is a good tool to compromise the research.

Access & A ; Sampling Strategy

The sample is the group of those people who I select to be in my survey for my research. I used handiness trying in this exploratory research where I am interested in acquiring a low-priced estimation of the truth. I besides noted that this non-probability method can be used during initial research attempts to acquire a gross estimation of the consequences, without prolonging the cost or clip required to choose a random sample. So the sample in this research is the group of those people who are adept in floristry.

Data Analyzation and Presentation

I used Descriptive Statistics to depict the indispensable characteristics of this information which I collect for my research. I provide simple sum-ups about the sample and the steps of this research and once more together with simple artworks analysis, I form the footing of about every quantitative analysis of informations. Descriptive statistics are normally well-known from illative statistics that ‘ s why I use descriptive statistics for my informations. With descriptive statistics I am merely associating what is the information or what the information shows in this research. The Descriptive Statistics which I used demo the quantitative images in a manageable signifier. In this research survey I may hold tonss of steps in different country of the survey or I may mensurate a big figure of florist related to this research. This Descriptive statistics besides help me to do simpler big sums of informations in a reasonable manner. I use the saloon chart which is shown on the other page and this saloon chart shows the per centum of those people who are related to this flower concern and are interested to purchase flower corsages.

Fig 2. Florist distribution saloon chart.

Interest of purchasing of flowers may besides be displayed utilizing per centums e. g. I use per centums to depict the:

Percentage of those clients who are 35-45. ( Marrying flower, flower corsage etc. ) .

Percentage of those clients who age ranges 46-65 ( Most of them are office workers ) .

Percentage of those clients who age ranges 65-66+ ( Interested in directing occasional gifts ) .

Restrictions of Research

There are besides Numberss of restrictions which stop me to make my research. I face many jobs in this observation ; like one of the restrictions was, do I need to state to the direction and the brotherhoods? The other was what are the moralss of the procedure in this concern? Can my secretiveness be maintained? There was besides some other restrictions like I was non able to entree all the information, resources, counsel and entree to those experts for redacting my thoughts. I besides face some job in different group like support from provider organisations and some local participants. Experiment affecting for me, is the random undertaking of participants to conditions may let doing cardinal decisions if the changeable that are non annoying with other variables. A Thus, I may non cognize 100 % whether the findings will generalized to other people, state of affairss, or conceptualisation of this thought which I am believing for my new concern.

Reliability & A ; Validity

Build cogency consign to the grade in which decision can be lawfully made from the operationalizations like in my research this survey constructs on which these operationalizations were based. I find that it helps me to split the issues into two countries that I call the “ country of theory ” and the “ country of observation. ” I will happen the thought or do of the results or steps that I believe which I am seeking to roll up through this research. The country of observation consists of what I see go oning in the flower concern around me and the clients visual aspect of that market. So in the country of observation I need to happen the dependable and valid informations for the intervention of the research. Decidedly, when I speak of a reliable step, I mean one that is both dependable and valid. So I have to be a small more accurate when I am traveling to roll up the information. In research, the term dependability means “ repeatability ” or “ consistence ” . A step is considered dependable if it would give me the same consequence over and over once more. I frequently think of dependability and cogency as separate thoughts but, in fact, they ‘ re related to each other and all the information which I collect for this research is valid and dependable because I used the observation method and all the procedure which goes thorough was in forepart of my ain eyes as I work as a participant of this organisation. I besides make a research on public presentation activities of this concern which is the portion of Drake Algar Florist store and play an of import function in the cogency and dependability of this organisation and this aid me a batch in my research for my new concern.


Selling and Gross saless

Supply Chain Production

Finance & A ; Accounting System

Human Resources System

Control Techniques

In Drake Algar the system are controlled from the gross revenues and selling map to the motion of goods and services and manufacturers to clients.

Fig 4. ( 5 )


Finally, “ Drake Algar ” needs to guarantee that a competitory reappraisal is conducted on a regular footing. Market should be analyzed on a regular footing to supervise alterations in client positions and place new market entrants. They need to maintain up to day of the month with Current Trend as concerns are demanding better-qualified employees to get by with an progressively complex concern environment. This concern must therefore battle to maintain their course of study up to day of the month because the work environment today is greatly different so earlier.

Problem Log Book


Problems Come Across

How Problems Were Solved

Compare and contrast the different functional countries of an administration.

It was really difficult measure to take a suited organisation.

Geting accurate information about this company.

It was besides difficult to compare Different Area of maps.

I select a company where I work.

I get the right information as I am working at that place.

Understand the information demands of each functional country.

It was besides difficult to happen different information in different country

Come across at each country individually and selected the cardinal information demands


Analyse the information needs for a given scenario or instance survey.

Understand the elaborate flow of design and information aggregation.

My instructor gives some intimations and some information.

Identify different method of informations aggregation.

I found it complicated to happen the exact information.

I use google hunt to happen all the informations aggregation methods.

Recognize the information systems suited for different functional countries of an administration.

I identified the different information systems but non in footings of each functional country.

I gathered information on what the applications are used for within the administration and so researched some of the older systems that they used I so analysed how the new applications had improved things.

Identify the tools required to work out a particular job within an administration.

I found it hard to foreground specific jobs that were encountered.

I foremost analysed some tools that were used and what they are used for. I so thought about how the company would run with out the tools, this showed me what jobs may be faced and how the tools are used to work out the jobs.

Describe the current information processing methods for a given job.

Information processing methods were indentified but I failed to tie in these with specific jobs.

I contacted the company and asked them what jobs the systems were undertaking and how they solved the jobs. I farther researched how these systems helped concerns in general.

Examine alternate methods of providing the same information.

I found it hard to happen alternate methods because some of the methods presently used were working good.

I had to research the company farther and finally found some countries that could be improved.

Ethical Considerations

In Drake Algar I work with different people of different linguistic communications and I did non happen myself difficult, for me it was really gratifying and I besides got more experience with them. I besides noted one thing that the environment is friendlier when working with people how has different linguistic communications.

Avoid Plagiarism: In this research the direction of Drake Algar assist me a batch, they give me many of the paperss related to my research, I did non do a transcript of any of them, they besides give me some of the clients and providers bills from last twelvemonth, they allow me to maintain all of them but still I merely took thought from it and give them all back and do it certain that it is non copied or printed. I besides quoted those thoughts which I took from the general and book and besides from web site. I reference all the work decently utilizing Harvard citing system and this will avoid a batch of plagiarism in my research work.

Gantt chart

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