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She Is married and has one children.

According to her, the most satisfying element of her job in sales is due to she love the Job very much. Thus, once she love the Job, there is no problem because she will be enjoy do the sales. Plus, the product is great because she is very confident to sell the Attic insurance and tactful off. “ If I can covey the message to the people very well, It Is the most satisfied for me. But remember, to be confident, the product or services that we will be offering should be great and our product knowledge Is excellent as well, then it will enhance our confident level to speak up to the customer.

Meanwhile, the most satisfying element in selling that she has ever experienced is when once, the target sales that the company suggested will become more increased. It is normal for every single salesperson in a company to achieve the target sales that the company offered. She added, once she has to promote new product or service from her company, It will be terrible because she will not know the product knowledge very well and taking a lot of time to be expert on the products.

Furthermore, she absolutely agreed when she has been asked about her implication of ‘ relationship marketing’ concept in her sales work.

This is because from that, she will be able to convince the customers. She believes that a trust in sales is very important element in order to make the customers buy the product or service has been offered. “ It is totally Impossible to make sales if someone can not trust you. ” She said.

In fact, she added that through relationship marketing, It Is able to make a customer stay longer and be loyal with her services.

In the next question, when she has been asked about FAA (features, advantages and benefit) of her products or services, she answered that the features of her reduces or services are more to investment which the other rivals of insurance and tactful not focus on it more than Its products or services which is Attic Insurance and Tactful. Therefore, it will be unique. In term of benefit, usually, the product or service must slut with the customers.

For Instance, the age of 22 and above, she will advice more on investment products.

Thus, that are the reason why people buy her products or services. Next, the question has been asked to her was about the barriers of communication may be present between seller and buyer during a sales reservation, and her answer was trust’. Again here, what she Is stress on is about trust.

According to her, trust Is the basic thing In order to sell the product. Once, the Usually, in order to ensure the buyer is listening, she will follow the flow of the customer and stress on what the customer interested on. Time horizon is also very crucial.

If the customer wants to listen in short period of time, she needs to attract the customer within the five minutes only. For instance, if the customer interested on good return, she will offer and tell straight away about the high return of dividend and etc. However, if saying it, make sure it is definitely true when talking about it to the customer.

On the other hand, Besides, the three keys to succeed in sales for her are focusing, not giving in easily and Islamic perspective is through prayer or keep asking to Allah.

Focusing for her meaning that, when she is doing sales, she will concentrate 100% on sales at that particular time. Secondly, she thinks that she should not give up easily when facing rejection. In fact, she loves rejection.

She will try approach and persuade one customer for three times. If the customer still not interested on, then she will try another customers. She said, she needs to understand customer as well. Sometimes, the products may be not suit with that customer or sometimes, the customer has financial problem.

Once she understands the customer, she will be alright and will not too disappointed if can not make a sales. However, she said that customer is always right. Therefore, in front of customer, she never showed bad attitude. In fact, if she has to face any bad rejection from customer and feel very bad, she will cry in the toilet. She chuckled while said that. Next, the question is about prospecting.

Indeed, she definitely does prospecting for new customer. However, her Job become easier because, every month, she will be sending emails from headquarters (WHQL) of Mbabane Bad which is located in Koala Lump.

From the CRM database, usually, the officer in WHQL, will send the email of related prospects databases according to location of that particular branch. For instance, for Mbabane branch Inlaid, the database of the prospect will be sending to Mrs. Nor Zamias would be the person who lives in area Inlaid. Then, from the database, she will set an appointment and go to that particular person whether wrought the phone or having a meeting face to face.

Based on the list of prospects from the email, usually, the average of the prospect is about 1 person per month.

However, it is flexible. Another ways, she can make prospecting indirectly. For example, whoever come and see her, sometimes she will straight away promoting the product. First question that she is going to ask is the prospect’s age at the same time she will enhance Mbabane.

Once, she knows their age, she can promote the suitable product to them as long as they can the financial protection according to different type of income level. Next, the element that she will be considering when she is planning a sales call is time.

She said, time is important to make people feel comfortable to listen well about what she will be offering. So, how to find the suitable time to speak up with the customers or prospects is based on CRM database. Find the ample time of her customer and set an appointment.

Usually, a housewife will have a lot of ample time, meanwhile, for the working person, she will not interrupt them in office hours. She will explain in short about her name, which company she comes from and usually she will enhance Mbabane. Quenches that she uses that she believe sets her apart from other salesperson.

From her point of view, the uniqueness of her product and how she convinces the customer plus how to make them interested on her way or the product itself. Other than that, she consider that not much differentiation among salesperson to each others.

On the other hand, in order to handle an objection such as the customer looks not interested on her product, she will try to persuade and attract the customer for only three times. She believes that if she does more than three times, people will think hat the salesperson is pushing them not to help them.

If possible, the first intention to sell the product is to help people solve their problem and not for profit. The last question is about what she thinks that she would change if she got an opportunity in order to make her Job easier. So, she thinks that want to change the product.

It does not mean that the product is not good. But, if possible, she wants a product that can be a market leader in industry and has its own uniqueness. The product is also can suits and sells to everybody. Therefore, they no need to segmenting the customer according to the group.

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