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Renewable energyexample

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These past few years, we have been struggling to curb the existing energy problems worldwide. We have been experiencing the adverse effects of the energy crisis, like sky-rocketing fuel prices, affecting the price of other major commodities. Aside from this, the consumption of fossil fuels greatly affects the environment, which can be associated to changing weather conditions, issues on global warming, and destructive storms.

Solving these problems is really a great challenge to mankind, but still we are lucky that we can still do something. It is time for us to use renewable energy, something that nature itself provides for us, something that we can use without actually hurting the environment. The key to understanding this kind of energy is by keeping in mind that it is renewable. It means that it is abundant in nature, and we all have access to it. Compared to fossil fuels which are continually depleted without actually replacing them, these resources can be used over and over. They come from sources which are very common to us: the environment.

These include solar (sun) energy, wind energy, and the water energy. These are basically the things that you can see in the surroundings, and they are definitely abundant, if not, limitless. Since they are abundant, all we have to do is harness these resources so that we can make it into its usable form. This is where advances in science and technology come from. There are proven ways of harnessing their power, and all we have to do is to put it into action. By doing so, we save our environment and our money as well.

Because of this, I believe that there is indeed the need to study more about this renewable energy. By doing so, we can discover new ways of harnessing their power, as well as improving the existing methods of gathering the energy. These renewable resources all have the potential to light up our future, literally and figuratively.

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