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Religion of scientology

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The religion of Scientology considers auditing as a fundamental practice of clearing the negative influence of, also known as engrams, in a bid to raise the level of spirituality knowledge to unprecedented heights.

The auditing process is so effective that an auditor who follows the procedure vividly would make the recipient embrace all the change ideals. The auditing process therefore, requires the ability of the auditor to communicate and be understood by the recipient. The auditing process; therefore requires the setting up of an effective communication process that may be too expensive to accomplish. The extravagant nature of auditing may raise concerns over the Church’s eventual motivation. Auditing is a significant process in Scientology as it makes the recipient to direct attention inwardly to the innermost recesses of the creative mind in order to answer the auditing questions.

The mind is confronted by reevaluation of experiences for the recipient to erase the harmful energy that lead to spiritual travail. The auditing process requires active participation of both the auditor and the preclear (a person taking part in the auditing) in a bid to heighten the self-determinism of both parties. Moreover, the auditing process would only be triumphant if the auditor strictly follows the Auditor’s Code as the process only seeks to restore preclear’s self belief on a given issue. The auditing process uses religious artifacts, which assist both the auditor and the preclear to find areas of spiritual travail or spiritual distress. Auditing is an important process, as the auditor does not influence the preclear’s opinions.

The auditor’s influence is negated by use of an electrical device called E-meter to measure progress. Hence, the Church supports that auditing process as an effective means that helps the preclear to confront the past traumatic events and dislodge the engrams bounded by the experiences.

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