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Relativism and multiculturalism assignment

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Having the world unit under a single religion, belief system and culture, brings all war, racism, injustice, and discrimination to a stop because it will be uniting the people together creating oral peace. Although this is an ideal dream, this outcome cannot be done without some consequences. “ The doctrine that the basis of morals is utility, or the greatest happiness principle, holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong in proportion as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness” (Mill, 2005).

Although the utility of united everyone under a single culture and laws will benefit the greater number of people around the world, there will still be a great number of people who will be lost in the process. In today’s world, we are constantly changing. We have traditions that go back hundreds of years in America, but those traditions go back thousands of years, but for other nations outside of America our traditions are wrong and some even disrespectful.

Lees take the Arab culture for instance, their women are covered from head to toe with only their eyes showing and maybe their hands. But here in the United States of America, we have women who hardly wear anything. In the summer, tiny bikinis, short shorts and blouses that show excessive amounts of skin. If our women were to dress like this over in the Middle East, they would either be jailed, beaten r killed. But because this country is so relaxed in its attire, we look at them as strict and unfair. But that is how they live and a woman’s modesty is very important to them.

In the bible, 1 Timothy says In like manner also, that woman adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedly and sobriety; not with brooded hair or gold, or pearls, or costly array (The Holy Bible, King James Version). This country is supposedly founded on the bible and It’s belief system, but how the women in this country dresses is completely different from women of other countries. Are we to look at these countries differently because we live differently from them? Are we morally accepted because we of this? Of course not.

We need to be more accepting of other cultures and how they choose to live. What we express unknowingly is relativism. Relativism is the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context. So the way we look at other cultures outside of our own is relative to how we were taught in our society. Another example of how this countries relativism can affect how we see other cultures is laws. For example, here it is against the law for euthanasia, but in China, there are so many people, they have to control the number of children a family can have.

Here in America, population control would be considered humane and is frowned upon because we do not understand the severity of the matter at hand. Because China is severely over populated, each house can only have one son or one daughter. Their policies are now being revised, but this has been a law for the past 35 years. This is an example of how different cultures decide to handle policies regarding the people in their country. The United States do not have that rule, and may think its wrong because of its system of beliefs and vice versa.

Additionally, the ability to conform and be at peace with all people is the greater good for the entire world, but because there are so many different cultures and countries, can this be established without war? War is a business. Money is made from the distribution of weapons, land that is being seized, and treasure that is being confiscated by the victor. In order to unite the entire world as one, a war is inevitable. The higher pleasure of having a united lancet is very great. Having people together under a common bond and not being plagued with wars, disagreements, no more communist, or democracy, but finding what works for everyone.

The lower pleasure for the masses is the fact that we will be separated by color, finances and traditions. These things keeps us separated as people. So in eliminating the lower pleasure, we will be able to gain the ultimate world peace. When thinking about how we can come together and agree on how to handle policies that affect the people of this planet as a whole, the term universalism comes to mind. Universalism is a term used to identify particular doctrines considering all people in their formation. In a broad sense, universalism claims that religion is a universal human quality.

This can be very difficult because there are many different religions in the world, and for everyone to agree on one will have to a decision that must be agreed upon by everyone. In the world that we are in right now, it is impossible for the world to be under one religion. With the war on SIS’S, Palestine, Israel, Russia and etc. , things will get whole lot worse before they get better. But for everyone to form under one religion, the world will have to see that that one religion is the one and only truth.

There are so many reasons as to why universalism cannot work right now. People want to believe and live what they want too. Absolutism is the acceptance of our belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters. Right now, again, every country wants the freedom to believe and live the way they want. They will fight for their right to believe in the gods and die for religion or way of life. Countries eke Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran do not want to be controlled or forced to believe in the American philosophies.

Countries like China, South Korea, Russia, and other countries also have their own principles, political and ethical agendas and do not always agree with how American chooses to run things. This causes conflicts and disputes that leads to embargos and restrictions of trades and commerce. Until something cataclysmic happens, then there will always disagreements and wars. Absolutism and universalism is impossible. For one country to put restrictions or in other words prohibit actions of another country is saying that that one country has the power to do whatever they like and the other countries will follow.

This is not always the case. Speaking objectively, there should be behaviors that should be regarded as obligatory and or prohibited regardless of time and place, like murder, rape, theft, and child molestation just to name a few. But what is considered wrong by one country is not always considered wrong for other countries. There will be differences, there will be objections, but in order for there to be a change, people have to want a change and not have it forced on them. What is wrong to us, may not be wrong to them.

Should people be held responsible for immoral behavior when most of their community or culture also behaves that way? This is a good question, but who determines what behavior is immoral and who will hold them accountable when they show immorality as well? This subject can go on for days. But can there be any real solution to the problems that separate the people? One day this planet will be united under a single leader, and the same rules and laws will apply to everyone. Can the united States determine what is moral, when it is proven that its own policies and yester is set up a certain way to keep minorities in a certain condition?

How can one fix another country when there are so many problems within itself? This discussion is based on how this country and its people see’s other countries and their policies. There are many things that people do not genuinely understand about other cultures and traditions, but instead of trying to change, try understanding and letting things run its course. That way there is less wars, less power struggles and less death. We must learn to live with each other and respect other cultures with understanding and not try to Orca our beliefs or system on them.

The way you were taught may not be the right way and it may not be the way others agree with. Indeed, while relativity is not always understanding of other cultures, Should utilitarianism be able to determine relativism and multicultural aspects of different societies while also having people conform to one society and one set of laws governed for all? Is the ability to conform and be at peace with all people is the greater good for the entire world? These questions are an important part of why the world is always at ends with each other.

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