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Personal Reflective Summary al Affiliation Personal Reflective Summary I have cherished a career of helping people and when I landedthe field of clinical psychology, I doubted many times if I would find so much satisfaction. Nevertheless, the introductory courses have been very useful in setting a foundation and the diversity in the contents of the course has illuminated my enthusiasm. Clinical psychology entails a broad field of yielding very useful services to both patients and practitioners in the medical fraternity dealing with doctors, patients and clients of diverse needs (Felver et al, 2013). Nevertheless, the field has developed to include many needs that our societies embrace with an increasing intensity. I am particularly enthusiastic about the many changes; both demographic and diagnostic that is gradually transforming the medical fraternity. Human service approaches are at the very core of sustainable development and I wish to dedicate myself to the wave of change that is characterizing my career choice.
The contents of the course have been very well balanced to the needs of the learners. For instance, the learning of new scientific and statistical approaches to psychology makes the course very appropriate. Furthermore, many fields today embrace statistical approaches and the contents mastered in statistics are very useful. I also appreciate the computer approaches to data processing in psychology which have made the course even more meaningful. I intend to do a great deal of research into many contemporary approaches and if possible bridge the gaps between practice and theory in the application of clinical psychology to the healing process in patients. In addition, I am very enthusiastic about the contributions of neuropsychology and other fields to the scientific understanding of clinical practice. I therefore intend to do a great deal of studies in the various courses going forward to achieve very high standards of mastery.
Clinical psychology is a field that should be pursued with passion and commitment. I have benefitted immensely from the foundation course during the undergraduate program and is willing to up scale the grades and course outcomes during my consequent stages of studies. In the previous course, I particularly admired the achievement of most of the lecturers and course facilitators. Nevertheless, the head of department gave us a great deal of work which shall forever resound throughout my career.
In future, I wish to proceed to the masters program and major in clinical psychology and later undertake a PhD program on the same. These ambitions are humbly tailored to my very upbringing and experiences throughout childhood. Many times I felt we never got very adequate services from hospitals by merely getting capsules or injections. The arrangement of the classes and the classmates made me enjoy every bit of the experience as an undergraduate student. It was a masterpiece of teamwork and collaboration which made us wish to stay forever as colleagues. Nevertheless, every great school must stretch the students a little bit.
In conclusion, the career choice of clinical psychology should be sought by those who wish to devote their time and talent to a calling. I have cherished all the challenges and embraced the opportunity to do my best. Lastly, I must say that the close collaboration between us and the lecturers was very useful in enhancing my devotion to the course. I will stage a worthy effort to the dream of attaining impeccable success in my profession.
Felver, J. C., Doerner, E., Jones, J., Kaye, N. C., & Merrell, K. W. (2013). Mindfulness in school psychology: applications for intervention and professional practice. Psychology in the Schools, 50(6), 531-547.

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