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Reflection unit assignment

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From this unit I expect to have a greater ability to problem solve and think out solutions clearly and concisely. It is important that I gain these skills so that I can make valuable contributions, according to Samuel Greengage, “ Developing our abilities to think more clearly, richly, fully? individually and collectively? is absolutely crucial [to solving world problems]. ” (Greengage, 2009) With great critical thinking skills comes great opportunity not only on a personal level but also at an organizational level.

At a personal level employability and workplace skills give a distinct advantage and organizations can gain greatly on competition with a strong team of critical thinkers. Another goal from this unit is to improve my leadership skills as this could prove to be essential in the workplace. Leadership as described by Morton, “ successful leaders know who they are, what they believe in and why and where they want to go. ” (Morton, 1990) To follow this example I will have to search within myself to find my directions and ultimate goal in life.

I am currently leader in our assignment group which will provide valuable experience as leader of a group working towards a common goal. B: The team was formed by filling out a questionnaire of 35 questions and adding up the totals to find out what our strengths within a team were. From this one person from each category Leader, Thinker, Achiever, Career and Doer were placed into a group. This is to ensure that there is an even balance within the group and everyone can bring their own special skills and abilities to their groups.

This is supported by Davies and Kina “ For example, one member might possess an eye for detail, whereas another member might bring planning or ideas to the group. ” (Davies & Kina, 2006) It will be important in group work that everyone stays on their task the leader will be an invaluable tool in this task, they will act as the coordinator providing tasks and making sure the group is functioning at the best of its ability. The thinker will be the researcher and analyses finding material and offering alternative points of IEEE.

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