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Reflection Teaching is essential methodology to impart learning skills to coming from diverse backgrounds cutting across race, color, culture and nationality. The text becomes pertinent as it addresses not only the effectiveness of the methods of teaching but the very idea of methods which are used to teach diverse students groups. Teaching theories becomes irrelevant if they do not meet the needs of different groups of students. The significance of teaching methods is highlighted only when they can be applied on learners coming from different race, color, age and nationality. Language is important resource which also serves as critical tool for disseminating information. Effectiveness of teaching and learning is indeed a constant effort which teachers apply by testing new approaches with learners. Thus methods of teaching need to be looked from new perspective of bonding with learners which can address their learning capabilities and make teaching and learning effective.
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I strongly agree with the writer that ELT has gradually lost its relevance as the basic purpose of ELT has been overridden by the researchers who believe that semantics of the language is more important. Language is important tool of communication and ELT becomes relevant for foreign students in English speaking nations. The fundamental aim of ELT was to ensure that foreign students were better equipped to assimilate within mainstream population and communicate effectively. But now ELT has evolved into important method of teaching to foreign students and become controversial as its theoretical aspects obstruct learners’ ability to communicate in the real world which actually defeats the very purpose of the language! Theories become effective only when their efficacy is tested in real world. Consequently, practice should be the basis of evolving theories. (words: 286)

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