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Recommendation letter

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Dear Sir/Madam, I recommend Kevin M. Wildner for the advancement, challenges and specialized training position. Wildner is an exceptional performer as evident from his previous work experience. He enjoys new challenges, an excellent learner and team player. He possesses superb leadership skills. Currently, he serves as a production operator at VollourecStar, Youngstown, Ohio. He is competent in his roles as a production operator, excellent in providing customer care and can serve in competitive work environments.
Wildner is a graduate of Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of General Studies (Computers and Management). Having satisfactorily completed his university education, he attained a cumulative GPA of 2. 9. He also learned at the Defense Acquisition University where he attained his certificate. He is knowledgeable in Acquisition Ethics, Mission Focus and Contingency Environment. Besides his good education background, Wildner has proficient computer skills. He can use Photoshop, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, HTML, Camtasia Studio, Illustrator, Web Manage, SQL and Dreamweaver. His mastery and prowess in using computer applications are impressive.
Wildner has a reputable military experience having served at the U. S. Navy Reserves, since December 2008, as a Petty Officer Third Class.

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