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Reasons for transferring and objectives

Reasons for Transferring and Objectives
Today’s world is the world of knowledge. Advancement in all the concepts and theories related to learning and knowledge acquisition has made studies very Interesting and challenging. Students have ample choice of subjects to choose from in order to gain knowledge. Every student should opt for a subject that suits his ability or that inspires him. There should be no restriction in terms of subject selection. Institutions should also be selected according to one’s needs. This essay contains my reasons for transferring and the objectives that I hope to meet. My major is business and I think that for me learning about business from a reputed institution is essential so that I do not prove to be a nuisance for the boss.
The first and foremost reason for transferring is acquisition of quality knowledge. Knowledge has no limit. Business in today’s age offers a lot for learning. The more you study, the more you learn. In depth study of business makes you eager of acquiring more knowledge; this also helps you to develop more interest and makes you more conscious of seeing the practical impact of theoretical knowledge. The more you study, the more you can explore, so studying hard about facts and figures boosts the confidence and also makes you feel that whatever you have done , is not enough, so do more.
I hope to have a wider network of friends as because of transfer, I would have better chances to make new friends. For better education, a network of friends is essential as friends help each other in their studies. A communicative environment is created that is necessary for an educational set up. In today’s life, students cannot operate without having a network of friends. Therefore, it is very important to have a network connection of friends for all kinds of studies.
What I am going to do with my degree in the future is that I am interested in opening my own business and by obtaining a degree in business, I will be able to understand business and its requirements. I want to be an independent person in my future. I want to support my parents by opening my independent business, which is only possible if I study business from a reputed institution. With my attained knowledge, I want to prove to my parents that I am an eligible person who has the guts to become a successful person. For becoming a successful businessperson, I would require theoretical as well as practical knowledge about business and its functions. My degree will enable me to gain practical and theoretical knowledge that will support me in my future business. Therefore, it is all experience, which you are always gaining.
Lazarus Charles says, “ Hard work is the key to success” so for gaining knowledge according to the needs of the social set up, one has to struggle hard. There is no shortcut towards success and hard work is essential. I hope to receive quality education, better career opportunities and a friendly network because of my transfer.

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