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Reaching of my goal

Reaching of My Goal

I intend to prepare a narrative essay about a time I had to make a sacrifice to reach my goal. To organize the essay properly, I will prepare an outline first. The following will be the outline for my proposed essay.
The introduction will contain a statement of one of my passions, which is football, and one of my goals, which is improving my writing skills in English. The situation is that I have been getting low grades in my writing assignments and my tutor has warned that I need to work really hard and improve my writing. In this backdrop, I decide to forego my football games to focus on improving my writing. I will state my thesis at the end of this introductory paragraph.
Body Passage 1:
This passage will contain a topic sentence about why goals are important in our lives and I will expound up on the specific significance of my goal in my life and career. I will also discuss about my passion and how it has been coming in the way of my academic pursuits.
Body Passage 2:
This will contain a statement about why pursuit of a passion is significant in life, and why people should have such indulgences. I will also narrate an episode where I realize that goals in life are more important than a passion one has.
Body Passage 3:
This passage will contain a discussion about my dilemma in forgoing my passion for the sake of achieving my goal. Here, I will explain how I weigh the pros and cons of choices that I will make and how these will affect my life. Then I will state my choice and why I did make such a choice. I will also dwell briefly on how the choices we make at some stage in life will become the deciding factors of the direction our life takes.
In the conclusion, I will sum up the main points in the body passages, restate the thesis and conclude the essay by stating some of the advantages that I derived as a result of my choice.

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