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Ralph lauren branding

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In section of thecase studywill describe the CUBE (Customer-Based-Brand-Equity) del for Ralph Lauren brands. Second section will evaluate the role of brand association in the company’s success. The third section determinate Ralph Laurels brand extension decision to Rugby and the last section will be recommendations for the companies regarding stewardship of their brand in the future. 3 Section 1 1 . 1. Identity of Ralph Lauren brand Brand Salience The Ralph Lauren brand has been mainly victorious in defining a exact niche group of customer’s, offering a brand knowledge that is casual yet classic.

It has urbanize a whole brand experience encompassing creation, display, retail, customer service and advertising resources. Ralph Lauren has been winning in extending from luxury garments to selling Jeans, bed linen and even labeled paint. The brands are updated and transmitted across cultures; Ralph Laurels marketing with logos is present around the world. The varied products include one of the world’s most widely recognized families of consumer brands. For example the Polo brand draws on themes that have been explained as ” country house clout, cottages and castles and Bridgehead Revisited” (Ellwood, 2002).

These all advise a shape of product character that is backward-looking and nostalgic. They also propose a form of uppercases lifestyle future to e aspiration. A digit of brand names and logos of Ralph Lauren Corp.. Advises a leisure activity of the upper classes, yet it ass been presented as available to a wider audience. It is seem as more approachable than the typical Seville tailor yet purports to offer similar brand values. One of the strengths of the organization is that the different symbols and logos are all easy to recognize and to recall also it is easy for the customers to match the different sings to the right labels.

Thought their brand equity with its brand extension / brand trenching advertising strategy, they amplified awareness and profitability form offering more than Just one product category (Ralph Lauren – main weapon, 2010). 4 1. 2. Meaning Brand Performance The Primary characteristics of Ralph Lauren brands are reflecting high quality products in all categories to the customers. The organization is offering products for different age, gender and social groups. Ralph Laurel’s brand images are reflecting an upper-class society. Every customer can identify it self with the specific brand.

Every make is built on individual design and style, and it is appealing o the right target market. The organization is well organized with success in different ways of service also they offering warranty (up to 10 years) for the products. The organizational Is global organelles. Ra VPN Lauren NAS attempted to secure ten legal right to use images of polo players as part of its trade dress, ad prevent to American Polo Club from doing so. The country of origin for Lauren is USA and it is reflected in some brands (RL with the US flag).

The products of the organization are available in different sizes, colors, shapes and materials (Ralph Lauren Weapon – online store, 2010). The prices are different for each brand: “… From the very expensive Purple Collection to the more inexpensive Polo Jeans and RL. Each label provides a full range of products and line extensions” (Seafarer, 2005). Brand imagery The visual representation of Ralph Lauren is an intelligent, people of good social standing physically fit handsome young person with timeless style. Ralph Lauren uses images of the upper-class society, horse riding, sailing, and exclusive hobbies to connote that massage about his clothes via the proximity of the two images” (Ellwood, 2002). Ralph Lauren products appeal to different age groups, starts room teens to retirees (16 to 55 years olds): ” Millennial teens now wear Junior-sized versions of the DENY and Ralph Lauren garb that adults wear… “(Quart, 2004). Man and women with different material status and income levels are wearing the products all over the world. The brands are present through social events such in sport tournaments.

The imagery characteristics comprise a feeling of an exclusive life standard; the brand mediated an attitude of nobility, luxurious, elegance and classic style. The realm of the imaginary, of imagery and meaning is the American Wild West for Ralph Laurels RL brand (Figure 1). The organizations have unique designs; the clients can recognize the Ralph Lauren elements which are reflected in the products (Figure 2). 1. 3. Response 5 Consumer Judgments Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s premier brands, generally recognized and associated with diverse designs, luxury and quality.

The brand quality is well organized; it is used high-end qualities for their designs, fabrics and products. The strength of the organization is their well prepared service based on: ability of products, customer services, locations, etc… (Ralph Lauren Weapon – about, 2010) The Company is a market leader in the creation, marketing and striation of premium lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances are not fewer than 10 brand ranges within the Ralph Lauren organization (Annual Report, 2010).

Consumer Feeling The brand likeability well structured thought all product areas. The brands; Rugby and Polo reflect a sportive image to the customers and sport is connected with fun. Sport events hosted by the company they are linked with amusing and leisure. The brand stores are constructed on a warm atmosphere with friendly stuff which is important for the general view. The brands of the corporation represent a good feeling to the clients, he different logos and packaging of the goods reflects confidence, warmth, trustiness, self-respectand high quality.

Ralph Lauren products mediated a comfortable feeling when clients use or wear the products (Seafarer, 2005). 1 4 Relationship Consumer – Brand Resonance The brand is successful in transmitting a picture ofloyaltyto their consumers, on the other side the consumers reacting with the same result, they capturing the image of faithfulness and they groom some kind of relationship to the specific brands. The brand reflects a status of healthiness and upper-class standard, some clients want to show there live-status through the RL rodents.

Ralph Laurels customers are general loyal, they trust in the quality, service and the designs. Ralph Lauren website and the RL magazine informs the clients for new products 6 and lifestyles, the company send out quality magazines and catalogues to the registered brand-loyal customers, for information’s around the organization (Awoken, 2007). Enthusiasts of the brand have the option to subscribe the e-mail service to get the newest releases and information’s all around Ralph Lauren on the weapon to get a direct connection to the brands, and they have also the choice to ion fan clubs such as in face-book, twitter etc…

The Ralph Lauren organization is uploading important information’s about the company for shareholders, press, customers, general viewing, investors and so on… (Ralph Lauren – investor, 2010) Section 2 Ralph Laurels success in brand association can be analyses in different points (Figure 3). The diverse brand logos are reflecting a specific image to the customers. Lauren brands can be allocated in dissimilar price classes, the customers can categorize the prices, styles, and exquisite thought the specific logos.

Every label responds to the right target market. Through the imagery of the signs, clients can identify which the sportive and which the elegant products are. Ralph Laurels country of origin is the USA; Laurels cooperation is established in 1968 as Polo’s Fashion. The most of the products are reflecting the ” Americans way of life”, RL logo is decorated with the US flag, it is a sign of liberty for the US consumers. Ralph stores are global present; the flagship of the R.

Lauren stores is located in Madison Avenue in New York (Vindictiveness, 2010), private organizations are offering their products; Store in stores: Harrows (Harrows, 2010)… The company is offering different rodents on their weapon (Awoken, 2007); RL goods can be found on private websites and retailers as well (my-wardrobe, 2010). The cooperation has the rights of 25 lucrative licensing (Answers, 2010), the company is offering those license in alternative products through co-branding; ” Ralph Lauren has built his fashion, fragrance and home furnishings… (Rotation, 2006) the company is also providing jewelry accessories. (Ralph Lauren – product, 2010) By defining the diverse fashion brands, it can be articulate that they 7 are capturing different lifestyles for the various target market, the brand Polo is eased on traditional style”… Polo, offering styles that were refined, a mix of English classic and traditional American, and conveyed the image of landed gentry to a society that had little use for class” (Answers, 2010) where Rugby can be defined as sportive Ana Purple Aloe Is more elegant Ana exults etc…

Ra VPN Laurels characters though licensing reflected in the diverse brand logos; such as POLO, the organization owns the licensing rights for the polo player design that means the logo is specially certified for use by the company (Parr, 2007). ” Polo shall have the sole eight to determine which trademark shall be used in connection with each particular Licensed Product” (Finland, 2010). Ralph Lauren is the spokesperson for the organization; he is also the ” face” of the brand.

He is born in the street of the Bronx, the story of him is like a myth from a storybook; form no one to one of the famous designers in the world. He is present in TV, events, catwalks, fashion-shows & gossip columns (Girding, 2008). Though diverse sponsorships are the organization present in events, for example; fashion shows with after parties and charity events ” Foundation o support highereducationa ND p roger m s w h I c h p rove did he It h ca ere n m deed IAC I lay- u n d e RSI e r Veda communities” (electrotherapist, 2010).

Events for advertising plays a big role for the company, the newest gig is the AD cinema advert (Amassable, 2010). Ralph Lauren is highly distinguished with alternative awards and reviews; CAFE (Council of Fashion Designers of America) for the categories in ” fashion design” and ” best in business” (CAFE, 2010) and they earned an award from the NOR for the best retailer; ” The National Retail Federation has selected US fashion firm Polo Ralph Lauren for its Gold Medal Award in retail. Oust-style, 2009) and so on… The well known companies success is reflected in there brands, awards and products.

Section 3 Ralph Laurel’s brand extension decision to Rugby is excellent, because the company is capturing a new field for their brand association. The Rugby brand talks to the younger generations, for the sportive committed target audience also known as the Gene-Y generation; … Young people were not wearing Polo, and in fact the label has taken on hippies for teens and young women in light of fashion’s current preppy mood. The young market from what we know buys the knit shirts, but [with Rugby], ere dressing them head-to-toe in shirts, sport coats, evenings.

It’s affordable and authentic,” the designer said (Lockwood, 2004). The latest objective is to capture the growing college market with a novel vertical trade concept for the brand. Ralph is now one step forward against the competitors, the organization is capturing products for every individual customer. The look of Rugby fashion stand for the college student from an earlier period; ” The Rugby line represents a nostalgic look at the Ivy League experience and the ideals of a collegiate setting” (Hancock, 2009).

Models with tattoos ND piercing are used for fashion picture-shoots; it is Rugby way to be apparent for the Gene-Y customers. The advertising strategies for the brand are build on a successful way thought; Technological factors such as a mobile device application ” Ralph 8 Lauren launched a mobile app with its Fall 2008 collection and is now selling all kinds of products with this mobiletechnology’ (Blanch, 2009). The phone app: ” Make you own Rugby’ is offered to clients for free download, to design their own shirts, choosing shapes, colors and uploading pictures.

Every one with the app can create an individual rugby close. It was a victorious way to attract the already exist and new customers (l I ones, 2 I en organizational Is attracting ten consumers Walt n Levers events; new store openings, fashion shows, leisure activities, competitions, parties etc. All information’s for events can be filtered out from Rugby weapon (Rugby – Style Blob, 2010). The Rugby Cafe is a place where rugby clients can meet and to become acquainted with each other, it is a space where consumers can orderfoodand drinks in a comfortable atmosphere (Rugby – Our Stores, 2010).

Purchase prices for Rugby articles are more reasonable in the market; ” the Rugby store offers a repay lifestyle collection at more affordable price points than Laurel’s Blue Label (only available at Ralph Lauren stores) and Black Label and Collection (sold at select department and specialty stores as well as Ralph Lauren stores. ) Rugby will be around 40 percent less expensive than Blue Label in some product categories” (Lockwood , 2004) Rugby by Ralph Lauren is a triumphant way which attracts the younger generation; with the attractive, casual, sportive and leisure oriented, historic based designs and products.

My first recommendation for the stewardship of Ralph Lauren cooperation future is, o produce their all products in the USA, because it would be reflect more quality ” made from Americans to Americans” it can be a slogan of advertising for the US market, for every other countries, it can be ” made from Americans for the World”. The second recommendation is to be more different than the competitors, M. Numeric (2007) sad it before: ” Differentiation, the art of standing out from the competition. It can be everything, for example; a space in Ralph Laurels website, where customers can design and buy their own Lauren sweatshirt, NIKKEI is offering this with shoes already to their clients (Nikkei, 2010) The third advice for the organization is to advertise more in the East of the globe (East and Far East). The different brands are already known in the US and Europe but not really in the East countries like; Turkey, Iran, China etc… , only 1 or 2 brands (POLO, Ralph Lauren) are popular there, but what is with the other brands (chaps, purple label… ) they are not really recognized and present in those countries.

There is a powerful target market for the Ralph Lauren cooperation, with effective advertising strategies, the company can be successful in adding clients for their products, the result can be; more sales, profit, high turnover, customers, reputation and so on. My fourth proposal will be, the advice to work with other famous 9 persons together, it can be; popular designers, celebrities, politicians etc… , the company can make features in the designs with those persons, it can be for example; Ralph Lauren winter collection designed by Marc Jacobs or Beam’s graphic design on Lauren shirts…

Those features can attract more customers to buy Ralph Lauren products and it will be a good social advertising for the organization. The last point of y recommendations will be that the company can produce their products ecological responsive. They can use for the manufacture of Ralph Lauren products environmental friendly materials; colors, fabrics / garments, recyclable goods etc. A big organization like R. Lauren can reduce the carbon emissions significantly and that would be a positive respond from the clients.

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