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Question week1

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Question Week1 What I find most useful about the labels is the actuality that the labels will include scientific information that clearly explains the link between the diet and the involved chronic infections (U. S. Food and Drug Administration 1). This will help the consumers select the foods and servings that are most appropriate for them as opposed to before. Just as the News indicates, consumers will make better food choices (U. S. Food and Drug Administration 1).
2. What I find confusing is the amount of portions that are required in the foods. As Wilson & Christensen indicate specific portions of vitamins, calories and minerals will be indicated in the product labels (1). In the occasion that one is not certain of how much sugar they ought to take, the labels will be confusing to them. Probably a little enlightment on the same would work.
3. The proposed changes are indeed good. For instance, a declaration on the amount of potassium and vitamin D in the packed foods is worthwhile as these vitamins have been lacking for some time(U. S. Food and Drug Administration 1). The present format will also prove useful as it brings a clearer picture of the amounts of each serving.
4. I would recommend more information on the side effects of consumption of the amounts in the servings. This would give a clearer interpretation of the status of the consumer with over or under consumption of the amounts in a serving.
5. The current format is far much better than the earlier one as it makes it easier to calculate the total calories needed. I think it is a good one.
6. Learning about the nutrition label will help me pick out products in future as I will be well versed with calorie counts and which products will suit my needs.
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