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Quality concept: a business issue flashcard

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Quality has acquired different meanings. In a Webster dictionary, it means the degree of excellence of a thing; basic nature, kind which makes something what it is; and characteristic element. Technically speaking, quality means a product or service free from deficiencies and has the ability to satisfy implied needs.

Certainly, quality, itself, is subjective. It depends upon who is evaluating certain performance of the company or products. Evaluation depends upon the requirements and standards. More often than not, quality is measured through the customer’s perceptions regarding the products and services he has received from a particular company. As a recipient, he will likely to judge it based on his experience while using the product.

Somehow, if the product conforms to his expectations and meets his standards, thus he may consider it as “ product having higher quality”. The customers do want inexpensive products of higher quality guaranteed to be lower life cycle cost. Maintaining a product over its life is quite costly chiefly when the product has lower quality. Therefore, the upper management shall focus on quality planning which is based on not just meeting the product specification but also meeting the customers’ needs. It should be emphasized that quality planning process is operational and is directed to the products and process. For a strong measurable return, planning itself should be feasible.

Moreover, it should not be remain as a plain idea, but should be implemented. Quality implementation is considered as the key factor for a successful business. It must focus not only on the main processes of manufacturing the products but also to all departments (from the manufacturing up to the human resources). Nowadays, many companies do trust Big Q approach. Paper works, receipts, inventory management, new product development and even handling of employees – all of these receives quality.

Increasing quality conformance may result to reduced scraps, rework, complaints and other deficiencies. Thus, it boosts customers’ satisfaction In managing quality concepts, control is necessary. It is simply a systematic means to holding the gains. Monitoring the business transactions and performance should be done to maintain continuous implementation of quality.

Simply by establishing measurement and standards, the actual performance can be measured by benchmarking. Competitive benchmarking has also a great impact in the evolution of quality in business industry. The continuous process of comparing products, services and practices against the toughest competitors has a desirable result to the internal and customers. Nowadays, customers can obtain products and services with higher quality and with the lower price simultaneously. As the different companies are competing, they are also promoting quality all at once.

Simply by analyzing the company’s standing in the market place may provide an idea about the company’s performance as it delivers the products and services to the customers. A spectrum of customers may be considered as evidence that a company is competitive in the market palace. As company implements quality effectively, the higher the possibility that it gains higher position in the market place. Quality, itself is related to productivity, cost, cycle time and value. The higher the quality may results to higher productivity. Simply by eliminating the errors, defects and scraps produces numerous salable products.

No raw materials are squandered; no barren labor; no capital are wasted. The same amount of input resources are used but gain much usable output. The higher the quality does not necessarily mean that the higher the cost. Somehow, conformance to quality may reduce the price basically due to the fact that it reduces rework, complaints, scrap and other deficiencies. Absolutely, this pave the way of providing an increase in product features even without increasing the selling price which gains customer satisfaction and increase in income. Meanwhile, higher quality results to lower response time.

Service time is sometimes observed by the customers and considered as quality factor. When quality is implemented, there is no occurrence of redundant operations. Thus, the customer is satisfied with fast response time. Finally, the higher the quality significantly increases the value.

The price must justify the quality; in so far as it is what customer really looking for. Quality is a business issue and therefore calls for immediate action. To survive in the competitive world markets, quality should be given a cardinal priority by every company.

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