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Qualities of an effective principal

Job Application Essay A principal is an individual who has controlling ity over other people and is a leader. A principal is the individual on whom the whole structure is built. Without a principal, the structure will not be able to withstand ant storm. Thus we can say that a principal is the most important piece of framing. (Merriam-Webster)
There are some basic qualities that a principal needs to possess to be able to handle the school environment and provide the students with a curriculum which will help them in their future life. These qualities are that he should define a mission, this should be clear in communicating the goals and purpose of the school not only to the teachers but also to the students and their parents. One thing about a principal is that he can not be a specialist in every subject, but he should provide the students with a broader curriculum which will enhance their knowledge.
The supervision of teachers is also an important part of the job. The principal should be able to motivate the teachers to do their best, provide them with opportunities to grow in the fields and initiate workshops for them. The environment created by the principal’s presence should foster learning for all people who are part of that institution. This learning should be productive and can also be made exciting for all parties, new techniques and practical application of the knowledge will interest the students more.
The principal should include himself in the daily activities of the school, by observing the children inside and outside the classroom. The principal’s attitude should be approachable so that students can easily come to him with their problems. The students should not feel awkward and be at ease around the principal. If possible and on going training program should be part of the services provided to both the students and the teachers.
According to Hoy and Tarter, ” The principal of a healthy school is a dynamic leader. In healthy schools, the principal supports the teacher, is reflective, and provides high standards for performance. The principal also creates a sense of trust, an environment where teamwork is valued, and has a commitment to the organization”. Also the teachers and the principal works in collaboration that maintains loyalty. (Zarandona, 2006)
We categorize principals in two broad categories, the instructional leader and the transformational leader. The instructional leader is always helping the teacher perform better individually and collectively. On the other hand, the transformational leader tries to change the culture of the school by giving teachers more authority and responsibility. All this data tells us that there are two important factors which a principal should follow: implement plans for continuous staff improvement and assess and improve the individual teachers.
In the end, I can just say that being a principal of any educational institute is a tough job, but at the same time is interesting and helps the individual strive to do better. This job is satisfying and motivating in more ways than one: you are helping others gain something that they can never loose, their knowledge will only increase over time and at the same time you yourself are learning many new things by interacting with the younger generation. Being able to help these children will provide me with an opportunity to not let them make the mistakes that we might have made when we were young.
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