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Public libraries vs hi-tech

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Many people think public libraries should only provide books and should not waste their limited money on expensive hi-tech media, such software DVD or video.

Nowadays, People not only read books, newspapers and magazines and so on in public libraries, but also are provide hi-tech media such as DVD, software and so on. Some people claims that public libraries should not spend their limited fund on costly hi-tech media. But I am against the point of view.

What is the function of public libraries? In my opinion, they are a place which provides various information for public. Papers are only one kind of media to record the information. With the development of science technology, new media, such as CD and DVD, has been used in daily life. They also offer information for public.

There are a lot of advantages of hi-tech media. Firstly, it is able to shore huge information but takes smaller space than books. One piece of DVD can shore information of some hundreds of books. However, the space it takes is much smaller than the space a book takes. Moreover, it is convenience to research information. After you key-in the title of the book and press a key on the computer, you can get it and read it in the front of the screen. If you find a traditional book in a modern library, you need find the location of the book in the library by computers and write down its number, and then go to the bookshelf and find it one by one.

In conclusion, the basic function of public libraries is to provide information and knowledge for the public. Both books and hi-tech media can satisfy this function. Thus, I support that public libraries buy hi-tech media. According to the advantages of hi-tech media, I predict that hi-tech media will replace books as a media recording the information in the future.

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