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Proper email etiquette

There are several different ways to address an email. Usually we use the To: box to address the email. If several people need to read the email but don’t have to necessarily respond the CC: box is where we address them. The last way to address an email is through the BCC: box which is very useful when emailing a large group of people. One of the most important things when writing an email is the subject line. The subject line lets the recipient know what the email is about, it is especially useful if the recipient receives many emails. They will be able to easily tell if they need to read that email ASAP or it can wait for when they are less busy. An important part to always do when sending an email is the signature. Many email addresses are not quite clear on who the sender is. So you need to make sure you always end the email with your full name so the recipient knows who you are. When replying to emails it is good to be clear on what you are stating. Sometimes people forget what the email was even about so they end up confused. A good way to avoid this is using the quote feature, which copies your message into their reply. When an email comes with several people attached by the sender but you only want to respond to the sender use the reply feature. If you want to reply to everyone attached in the email use the reply all feature. When you receive an email that someone else needs to see you use the forward feature. There are some simple rules when forwarding. You should not forward the message to someone if the sender did not intend for anyone else to see it besides you. Do not spam professional recipients with joke emails, you can; however, send them to friends appropriately. If you receive an email stating that you need to forward it to save your life it is a hoax and you should not forward it anybody as it might contain a virus. These simple tips will help you send proper and clear emails. Emails are very useful and fast way to get information around. Use email appropriately and do not abuse the privilege.

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