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I feel that the product I have created is very strong in the marketing sense that it is original yet adaptable for the target group, also it’s light weight and eye catching so it fits the intended purpose of evening wear, not only this but it will not clash with many outfits. Also from a business point of view the bag could be marketed in a certain way to attract customers like psychological pricing, which makes the customer feel like it is paying less for the product but in reality it may only be a difference of a few pennies (e. g.

�19. 99 instead of �20). I have suggested this because the final price for my bag is quite high and this is something I in the future would like to lower in order to attract the potentially highest amount of customers. Also when manufacturing for the industry I would make slight changes to my design for example I would use less components and instead of then lining would use a much neater over locker to finish the edges as this would be less expensive then buying in lining. Also my product consists of a lot of manual labour so I would resort to a much less economically developed country for manufacturing (as there are cheap lands available to build factories, and less regulation on companies wishing to manufacture there) yet I would still pay the workers a fair amount.

Not only this but the workforce will have to be trained and once this happens and the workers start working and they will become specialised in the job they do, which means that productivity will rise and unit prices will fall, and if this happens profit and sales will increase. Furthermore the life expectancy for my bag is 4-5 years depending on how abiding the consumer is to the care labels. Generally the dupion’s colour will fade if it washed too much and when, manufacturing it will need to be made sure that the fabric does not rip whilst it is being tentured . Away to solve this would be to iron on stabiliser on the back of all the dupion, but of course this will be in the long run very expensive so stabiliser could be used in area where it is most needed. As for the moral and cultural consideration i feel that fair trade is definitely a moral view and that the workers should be paid well.

Also my bag consists of a lot of hand embroidery and it would be unfair it workers were not paid what their work is worth. Also as a cultural point, my Indian step design tends to hold a religious background so that is why it would to be replaced if it was to sell in India because the bag would not be socially acceptable due to religious reasons. Also no dyes were used on the fabric in the process so this is environmentally sustainable as it can cause skin cancer and therefore my product does not promote this. Lastly for health and safety reasons the buttons and diamantes are secure so that small children cannot be harmed by them, also there are no loose bits of beaded lace .

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