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Process Essay on Interview for a Job ID] [Lecturer] A number every year start their freshman year in college quite uncertain of what actually they are trying to achieve with regards to their careers in the fields of business and other arenas as well. These students are basically deprived of a basic guidance at the hands of the people who are at the helm of affairs within their colleges and universities. The need of the time is to inculcate the results of the interview that are conducted in this paper with something conclusive for these students so that they know what they have to achieve and more than that what is their direction in their future years. This process essay discusses how to go about doing an interview for the students in modern times.
Students have to appear in a number of different interviews every now and then so that they can get the desired job that they have so long yearned for. Their craving is there and hence it leads to an interview session with the prospective employer. All the potentials as well as weaknesses of the concerned interviewee are under total scrutiny and hence it is his duty to ensure that he does not succumb under pressure and a sense of tension which is so very related with the interview sessions and thus come out clean and clear about what the future of the company as well as his own self holds. Interview is something that has to be done in a total resolute manner where the person who is conducting the interview gets to know the prospective employee in a light vein and the interviewer judges this individual inside out so that he could be chosen for the post for which he has been called for.
The pre-interview evaluation starts when the interviewee receives a call from the company representative. It is important for this person to converse with him in a good tone as nobody knows it might be the company’s boss speaking to the prospective employee and hiding his identity behind an ordinary worker in the office place. Respect and dignity are the keywords here, which must be given to the person who is taking the effort to call the person for the process of interview and thus a sense of cordiality must be established between the two. There is a new trend developing in the recruiting of high-tech employees. (Zimbleman, 2005) Due to the competitive nature of the business, companies are looking for new ways to recruit individuals that not only have the business and technical knowledge required to perform a specific job, but they are also looking for candidates that fit well into the corporate culture of the organization.
A number of students and fresh graduates have experienced worrisome times as well as this has led to tension and not to discard problems like stammering, perspiration and a whole lot of other things happening to them when they think about giving an interview to a person whom they are or would be meeting for the very first time. This is a natural process for people to happen and it is bound to make them feel strange about their own selves, their prospective employers, the company and any and everything that comes in between. In short, everything looks odd and bizarre to them to say the least but then again it is a natural process. However, to counter this trouble related with interviewing process so that one attains a job, one needs to prepare himself in advance and when the real time comes for giving an interview, this individual finds himself all geared up and motivated for the big day.
Zimbleman, Dana M. (2005). Interviewing for a Job
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