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Pressure to be perfect

Society has never been a perfect word; especially in modern day. More focused on the human beings themselves, meaning each person, there is a strong pressure. Here in the 21st century, everyone experiences the pressure to be perfect.

Nobody is perfect, but that stops no one from striving to be the best at anything they can be. The pressure can push someone to be a better person; since there is a positive, we must have a negative. Sometimes the pressure can change them to become an arrogant person. Arrogance can be like a weapon; people can use it to make harsh decisions that could hurt themselves and others. Appearance is what most people experience. Students in middle school and high school are the main ones who deal with this pressure but it occurs throughout your whole life.

How you dress, how you style your hair, how you walk, who your friends are. Everyone judges every little aspect until it becomes bigger than it should be. You shop at high end stores just for someone to ask, “ Where did you get that top?” with a smile on their face. You use so much effort to be complimented on a physical aspect by at least one person. Is it all really worth it? School. Work.

Two of the most dreaded words in the English language. Why? Simply because in both you have a job to meet a goal. In school, you must cram chucks of knowledge into your memory to remember for the next test. With all the tests and homework assignments based on the knowledge comes grades that move you throughout your school life and into college which leads you into the real world. Reality. Then you must work to make an income and live.

But in order to make that income, you must meet the expectations of your job, and make it “ perfect” so you don’t get fired. “ Perfect”. A word of imagination. When you imagine something with no flaws, it is “ perfect”. But is anything really perfect? Everyone is so judgmental and don’t comprehend it. For example, when you claim you don’t like someone you have just come up with 5-10 reasons to judge them to cause the dislike.

But if we all kept to ourselves and did not judge anyone, then what would the outcome have been? Think about that. If no one cared about how they were viewed, we would all be a little more comfortable and a more satisfied. Why? Because we would be ourselves, especially we would not be anyone else. If everything weren’t so complicated, and it was okay to complete the job? There would not be a lot of “ stress”, and more peace. Then the pressure builds up and will slowly destroy you until you realize you, yourself, are good enough.

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