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Presentation critiques

The presentation was based on the intention to impart ethical approach among the engineers who were the target audience. The theme of the presentation included the aspects pertaining to the importance of ethics and being civilized as an engineer. The presenter could lay a good foundation to the subject by explaining the importance of having professional, social and environment related ethics so as to have a sustainable approach in engineering. The presenter explained various professional ethics related to engineering and its implications in real life scenarios. The presentation also included real life examples of people who had been highly successful as civilized engineers. The listeners were expected to be effective in having an ethical approach in all the future engineering tasks. The information as delivered by the presenter would be beneficial in different engineering. The approach of the presentation was generic so as to be beneficial for the diverse nature of the audience.
The presentation was carefully planned and delivered in a proper scientific manner. The information delivered was precise, properly arranged and was specific to the context. The slides had a good flow and continuity giving it a good narrative style. Catchy slide backgrounds and attractive color settings gave the audience a good visual effect. The selection of the font and other settings could add more authenticity to the whole presentation. Through the slide styles, the presenter ensured to be serious in areas required and to be jovial wherever required. The presenter also did well with the fluency in flow of information. The language chosen by the presenter to connect between two slides made the presentation quite attractive. The prime element of attraction in the narration of the presenter was that it could give an exact idea to the audience on what to expect in the slides which followed. However, the presenter lacked the skill to communicate to the crowd through the body language. There was hardly any eye contact with the audience. This made the presentation totally non interactive. However the use of proper animations and graphics in the slides negated this lacking and made the audience concentrate right from the beginning till the end of the presentation. A number of tables were included in the slides which explained the factual quite efficiently. The bulleted captions gave precise direction to the audience. These elements along with the diagrams made the slides interesting and thus could get the full attention of audience.
Adding to the technicalities and the content of the slides, the oral presentation of the presenter also served a lot to the quality. Though the body language was not effective in communication, the punch, the style and the usage of words helped to communicate efficiently with the audience. The perfection in the deliverance made the feel that the presenter had made proper prior preparation and practices. This preparation kept the presenter very much apace with the developments during the presentation. Never in any moment during the presentation did the presenter got lost from the context. The effectiveness in communication thus made the presentation meet it objectives to the fullest.

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