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Pre-service teacher institute

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The paper ” Pre-Service Teacher Institute” is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on education. This is my expression of interest to join the Pre-service Teacher Institute (PSTI). I have outlined its relevance to my skills as I look forward to inspiring students in my science and mathematics classes in the future. It aims to offer the following: explanation of how academic and personal experiences have led me to pursue a career in teaching; what I hope to accomplish through the Pre-Service Teacher Institute and how I will use the Pre-Service Teacher Institute experience in the K-8 classroom; how participation in the Pre-Service Institute will enhance my STEM teaching objectives to help me inspire and motivate my students?
Academic and Personal Experience That Led Me to Pursue a Career in Teaching
I am a descendant in a long lineage of teachers. I have been brought up by teacher-parents, and my choice to pursue a career in teaching is largely inspired by where I was brought up and who brought me up. My parents being teachers I was brought up in a school environment, living in the school staff quarters. At a young age I was confronted with an unforgiving environment in which everything was about school, schooling, everyone was yearning for more education.
I saw myself in light of what everyone was doing and soon after joining school I realized that much of the time pupils congregated around me to hear some explanation. This boosted my courage and the urge to be at a position to teach my colleagues planted a lasting desire to become a teacher. My biggest desire is to see people able to solve what they initially could not.
My performance in this course is largely dictated by my will to be on top and help colleagues with their difficulties in class. This will have given me a momentum that has seen me win the recognition of the entire institution.
From my enquiries I learnt that your institution offers scholars with hands-on experience in teaching sciences and mathematics, and since I have been at the position to assist my colleagues with their work many times, and since the opportunities at the institute are few, I feel best placed to as well to pursue the opportunity to attend the Institute and consequently relate the new skills to my colleagues who may not get the opportunity.
Expectations from the Pre-Service Teacher Institute
Through my participation at the institute’s forum, I hope to acquire the right skills to guide my students through science and mathematics endeavors. The two disciplines are highly practical and experimental, and I hope to make my students appreciate that too. The institute harbors some of the best brains in the country technology-wise, and interaction with them will give me the opportunity to listen to their arguments firsthand, and engage them on pertinent matters regarding merging of the disciplines.
I am interested in learning how to develop an interest in technological development among my students so that they can look forward to discussing the next big technological achievement in class. I hope that they will be able to relate what they learn with what is happening around them. To take them this far I need to be a ‘ believer’ too. I need to be able to relate well with such advancements so I can address them from the top. That way I will be able to understand better how the students can overcome the difficulties posed by the technicality of the subjects, especially from an experimental viewpoint.
Top on the list is the urge to replicate the experimental nature of approach adopted at the institute in my school. I wish to base my studies and teaching around the approach developed by the institute’s moderators, so as to bridge the gap between science and mathematics as well as to make them more interesting.
I hope to make connections with knowledgeable persons who can support my endeavors in the future, including critiquing what I set up and offering guidance on how to approach important matters in science and mathematics. From my background check, I am confident the staff at the institute can knowledgeably handle these projections. My handling of the K-8 classroom will be much efficient since I can efficiently take them through setting up meaningful experiments and correctly explaining the procedure with insight.
Impact of Pre-Service Institute in Enhancing STEM Teaching Objectives
Attending the pre-service institute will be a remarkable step in redesigning my teaching objectives around the basics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In view of the diversity of these fields, I hope to adjust so as to as well make my students learn the strong connection among the four fields emphasized.
I realized that all the other fields in this category are founded from mathematics, and being at the base of it will guide me mold my students around each of the other fields. I hope to establish how mathematics affects each of the other fields through demonstrations offered by the institute’s moderators. I hope to align my future endeavors, including classroom delivery, favorably along with technological advances.
I wish to uphold the superior technological approach that I will acquire at the institute so that my students benefit directly my participation at the Institute. Of greater importance is the incorporation of lively experiments that will promote the physical connection between the students and the disciplines of science and mathematics. I also hope to contribute to my school’s adoption of fairly a similar approach as is taught at the PSTI.
I realized the need to sustain relevance between the material taught in class and what the students will find outside the classroom. Furthermore, keeping my lessons focused on what direction technological advances are driving the country is a guiding objective in my career and I hope to acquire hands-on experience on the physical trends in technological advancement.
I have learned that it is relatively difficult to explain some technical issues to students since they lack a simpler beginning from were to argue out the rest of the matter. I have been through it too as a student, and one thing I am sure of is that such cases will be many at the Institute. I hope to learn from your moderators how this can be approached, and employ the same in the future.

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