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Psychology Website Critique Information Available through the Website The website offers a lot of information about career choicesfor graduate students and school counselors. For example, the website offers information on career choices by offering career tours and Alumni visits for graduate students (Princeton University). It also offers information on undergraduate and graduate students, employers, Alumni and parents.
Website’s Age level appropriateness
The website seems most suitable for college or university level students who are usually between the age of 18 years and above.
Organization running the website
It is also easy to identify the organization that is running the website at the bottom of the page. The contact information is also easy to find. However, other credentials about the organization are not there.
Costs and Five Important Links for Counselors
The costs of running the website or that demanded for provision of the career services are not mentioned in the site. The five main links in the site which are useful to counselors are under the quick links section.
Schedule an appointment
Job search and resources
Find Jobs/internships in tracks
Read student to student blogs
Alumni Careers Network
Ease of navigation
The website is also easy to navigate. In each section of the website, all the information is given in regard to career services provided. The pages are also well captured.
Uniqueness of the Content at the Website
The website’s content is unique because it has different colors and photos. There are many professional photos in each page. There are real photos used in place of animations which make it easier for the users to understand the page.
Security of confidential information
There are is no information on the website that seems to affect a person’s or organization’s confidentiality. Most of the contacts provided on the site are not personal. For example, the phone given seems like a landline at the school.
Quality of Information
All the information provided at the site is useful for people visiting the site, whether they are students, parents, and former students or staff members at the Princeton University.
Usefulness for students
The “ job search’ page and “ find jobs” section are all extremely helpful to undergraduate or graduate students (Princeton University). Most of the pages are there the main idea of guiding students to make smart career choices. For example, in the Alumni section, the main message from the organization is that Princeton education extends beyond a student’s years on campus (Princeton University).
Usefulness for school counselors
The website offers a lot of detailed information regarding issues affecting school counselors. There are several pages and links that provide a clearer picture of what a school counselor may use to guide graduates who are not sure of their career choices. These are pages under the five links in the first page of the website, under the quick links section.
Princeton University. (2014). Career services at Princeton University. Retrieved from http://careerservices. princeton. edu/

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