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Powerful word love

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Powerful word love
Certain words are so powerful and so strong that an entire ocean of deepness lies within them. They not only inspire you but become your source of inspiration. The word that I believe has a really powerful and diversified meaning is “ love”. Love is a very mystified word; it has diverse meanings in the broader prospects. It does not simply refer to physical or emotional love for an individual but love can be for anything you feel passionate about. Love is simply something that causes an adrenaline rush within oneself and motivates him/her to work for the causes.
The word love itself faces great misconception. It provokes negative concepts within people and mostly causes severe consequences but one needs to understand the true essence of love before critiquing it. Love can be what a man feels for his mistress, what a child feels for his mother when she holds and protects him, what a saint feels for the divine being, what a mother feels when she sees her child for the first time after giving him/her birth after bearing all the pain for nine months. Love is about giving and expecting nothing in return. It is all about being selfless for a cause and giving yourself completely for the purpose. Love is a very strong emotion that develops amongst people, causing them to get closer to each other. This emotion is far stronger than friendship. For example family bonding is one of the strongest forms of love where parents give up on their happiness to provide everything to their children from food, shelter, protection, safety etc. Or for some love might be about an intimate relationship between two beings. When two individuals unite to develop a stronger association; love is about sacrifice, giving your time to someone without any other motive. It’s about being with a person through his/her thick or thin. To be constantly thinking about them and feeling lonely without their existence. To be able to create such moments that resides within people till eternity. It’s love when you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for someone else. Thus, these feelings are what make love beautiful and controversial at the same time. “ According to Jewish mysticism, the souls of a husband and wife originate in the same undifferentiated spiritual essence.” (Ginzburg, 89)
Love is a misunderstood concept. It is often confused with lust or infatuation. Usually people confuse infatuation for love. You start feeling for someone and then term it is as love. You soon get over those feelings and make the concept of love impure. Often such acts by a certain class of people make the concept of love impure and vague making people think negatively about it.
Hence in a nutshell, love is something that makes you content with life; it is a mixture of various different emotions.. The meaning or perception of love differs from person to person. Love is something which gives you the courage to challenge the circumstances and gives you the strength to give up on your happiness for the sake of someone else.
Ginzburg, Yitsḥaḳ. The Mystery of Marriage: How to Find True Love and Happiness in Married Life. Jerusalem: Gal Einai, 1999. Print.

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