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Pollution in velloreassignment assignment

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Hence, it becomes necessary to study the quality of the groundwater of the city as it greatly influenced by the Polar River. Sampling stations were chosen near residential areas, located at a distance of 2-3 Km from the Polar River. The physics-chemical parameters like pH, temperature, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, chloride, hardness and salinity of the samples collected from various sampling stations were studied. The determined physics-chemical parameters were compared with the IBIS and COMIC standards for the drinking water to know about the quality of the rainwater.

Various physics-chemical parameters studied in the area between Shenandoah and Kendall of Velour, show the quality of the underground water in deteriorating state. The underground water of sampling station SSL 3 and SIS needs special attention, as all the parameters such as ADS, electrical conductivity, chloride, hardness and salinity is found to be very high. It may cause laxative effects on health of the people consuming the contaminated water and it is not much suitable for irrigation purpose also.

All the other sampling stations have their respective physics-chemical ramset’s slightly above the IBIS and COMIC limits. Hence, proper water treatment is warranted. The outcome Of the study emphasizes the necessity of the riparian bed as a common property resource to be used for better community health instead of short-term benefit. Keywords: Polar River, Velour, groundwater, water pollution. Introduction Velour is the second most populous district in Tamil Undue and had population of 906, 745 as per 201 1 census.

In terms of arbitration level, Velour district ranks 8th place among the other districts in Tamil Undue. Velour is a major transit point for travelers, hub for medical tourism and is emerging as a tourism hot spot. This place is known for its extreme climatic conditions. Velour has an arid and dry climate, reaching high temperatures during summer. The city experiences wet winters and dry summers and has an elevation of about 224 meters with the north- east monsoon the highest contributor to rainfall.

The mean maximum and minimum temperatures during summer and winter varies between 38. ICC and 18. CHIC. Polar River is the major river draining of the district, flowing towards east for a distance of about 295 km. It runs parallel to the hill ranges f the Eastern Ghats forming a major part of its course. It has a vast flood plain in the lower reaches, but is dry for major part of the year. Poinciana, Chary, Pampas and Maltreat are some of the major tributaries of Polar draining the district.

Almost all the streams are ephemeral in nature and are mostly structurally controlled (Fig. 1). Due to migration of population, it becomes necessary for the corporation to give clean drinking water for the Research article Aeolian Society for Education and Environment (see) entire population. The effluents of the leather industries, usage of the Heimlich fertilizers for agriculture and small scale dying industries falls heavily on the quality of the drinking water.

The impact is felt very much on the drinking water sources which are available for the people, settled on the banks of the river. In this study, the quality of the water in open wells and the bore wells located on the bank of the Polar River was studied by determining the physics-chemical parameters of the water during the south-west monsoon season (Lune to September). These studies generate a baseline regarding the quality of the water which is used for drinking and other should purposes.

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