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Policy change memo

Policy Change Memo Ms. Susan Rodgers, Human Resources (HR) Department Manager  Training Division Officer
Date: April 25, 2012
Regarding: Proposed Change in Policy for Training New Customer Service Representatives
There have been increasing incidents of complaints received from customers regarding the ability of newly hired customer service representatives to address various inquiries about our products and services. Our records show that this month of April, the number of customer complaints increase by 20% from 25 last month to 30 complaints this month. The increase could be attributed to the number of new customer service representatives that lacked effective training on customer service and addressing conflicts and complaints.
In this regard, as officer of the training division, I am proposing that the current policy of training customer service representatives for only one week after recruitment and placement be increased to two week to incorporate the need to discuss topics such as addressing complaints and techniques for conflict resolution. The one week training only discussed orienting new personnel on the policies and procedures of the organization, including codes of discipline and an overview of the customer service function. The need to extend the training for another week is crucial to assist them in communicating effectively to the customers in areas were conflicts and complaints need to be resolved.
May I hereby forward this request for change of policy to be endorsed by you for proper approval by our CEO, Mr. John Smith. The approval of this change in training policy would be instrumental in improving productivity, performance and the corporate image of our organization. For your immediate evaluation and action.

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