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Police ethics

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Police Ethics: A Research Paper goes here Project No. 2 18th April, of your goes here Police Ethics Ethics provide the baseline for the operational behavior of any organization, though every organization observe a customize set of ethics but police department has to have a very considerate set of ethics because it is concerned with public safety and convenience at large. The observation of this ethical code of conduct is even more critical in police investigations where the detective has some extra bit of powers in order to probe into a matter. However, there are well defined rules and procedures to investigate into a matter, ethics ensure that the rules are not molded to have some negative effect on the accused and procedural delays do not affect his freedom and liberties being a citizen. The enormous powers enjoyed by these detectives must be tamed through some strict checks on their ethical conduct in exercising these powers at right spot and the correct manner. While having such powers in most cases is a legal necessity but justified and dignified application of these powers is often an ethical issue. In United States there are several documents at national level like Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers which are meant to enforce these ethical guidelines. However there is a lack of education and implementation in this connection. The tools and trick that are used in an investigation also provides a ground for ethical arguments and concerns. For example the use of sex and friendship in undercover investigations are very common tools for the police detectives but their ethical issues are lease bothered at higher level in the department. However, police ethical misconduct in using these undercover investigation tools is highly probable. Marx (1999) has wisely posed a question in a report on revision of article in Criminal Justice Ethics, “ When, if ever, is it appropriate to use friendship and the lure of sex as part of an investigation?” The answer to such punching question is often given in conditional terms and no direct negation is usually offered to pacify the ethical concerns. It is not only the undercover investigation where the ethical issues are a serious concern but in day to day routine investigations more serious ethical misconduct is at creeping up the scale. Detectives seem to be driven by the enormous powers conferred on them to ensure public safety and security and thereby damaging the very essence of these powers. No matter how your arguments are presented and how the ethical thread of the society is woven the application and observance of ethical values by police during an investigation is a matter of personal good judgment driven by the respect for humanity, freedom and personal rights. Enforcement of ethical conduct is not an easy equation however training centers can play an important role in building the moral fiber and inculcating ethical values in a police detective. “ Every day, people, and not just police officers, face ethical decisions. The choice of which path to take is your decision and your decision alone. You should contemplate what is or what may be at the end of the chosen path and be willing to face the rewards or consequences of that decision.” (Stering, 39) Works Cited Stering S. Robert. Police Officer’s Handbook: An introductory Guide. USA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005. Print. Web Publications Marx T. Gary. “ Under-the-Covers Undercover Investigations: Some Reflections on the State’s Use of Sex and Deception in Law Enforcement”, web. mit. edu, Criminal Justice Ethics, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 13-24, 1999. Web. 17 April, 2011.

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