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Peer review questions

3. Is the plot strong or does it need work? Explain.
The plot is strong. The story is flowing from one event to another and completely makes sense.
4. Do you identify with the characters? Why or why not? How does the main character grow or change?
Yes, I am able to identify with the characters. There are two main characters in the story. The stepmother and her stepdaughter. The main character who happens to be the stepdaughter changes to be rude and disrespectful towards her stepmother who wants nothing but the best for her.
5. Does the beginning draw you into the story quickly? Or does it take too long? Explain.
Yes, the beginning of the story is a masterpiece to say the least. The introduction is catchy and captures the attention of the reader.
6. Does the ending satisfy? Does it seem to highlight the story’s theme in a subtle way or is it too obvious? (Do you think the ending should have come earlier in the story?) Explain.
The ending is not satisfactory. It seems too obvious and does not pose an element of suspense. The ending, however, seems to highlight the theme of the story, though not in a satisfactory manner. The writer should have looked for a more intriguing ending. The story should have continued. A good example is that the writer could have gone on to show how the arrogance and disrespect of the young lady got in trouble.
7. What mechanical problems do you find? (Spelling, Grammar, Wording, Sentence structure, etc.)
I found the following mechanical problems; “ This whole time I was thinking I’m not sure we are ready for what possibly lies ahead” there are numerous stylistic errors in that sentence. “ You sure are up and at them this morning” the sentence does not make sense. “ I am on you to get up and get moving” the word always is missing between am and on. Just but to mention a few.
8. What further research might help to add realism to the story?
The story seems real and no further research might add realism to the story.
9. What word of encouragement do you have for the writer?
The theme of the story is clear. The beginning is spectacular. Plus the story is flowing. I would like to encourage the writer to keep these positive aspects of his writing up.

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