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Party debate

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Two Party System Two Party System There are various reasons associated with the effectiveness of a two party system. The main reasons due to which a two party system is more effective because such a system helps in ensuring that all the power needed to run a particular government as well as form a particular government is shifted towards one party. Due to this there is little resistance towards decisions made in the senate and the cabinet and this even speed up the process of decision making as compared to multiparty political systems (Bibby, 2008). For example: if in the region of United States multiparty system would have been practiced, the government would have failed to make decisions in a timely manner because it would have failed to attain the majority votes required to pass legislation. Another benefit is that such a political system provides clarity to the voters in deciding which party to vote. This is because in two party systems the two opposing parties are either in favor or against a particular agenda and voters finds it easy to vote for the candidates of that party which is supporting their side of the agenda. For example, the two political parties of United States are either in favor of gay marriage or they oppose it. This allows the American citizens with the ease of selecting the candidate of the party that supports their viewpoints (Bibby, 2008). In my opinion it is better to have a two party system and such a system should continue in the United States because it provides the government with the power to make decisions in a timely manner which may be delayed in a multiparty system. Due to late decision making, the effectiveness and the value of the decision is lost and citizens of a particular nation end up experiencing losses.
Bibby, J., & Schaffner, B. (2008). Politics, parties, and elections in America. Boston, MA: Thomson/Wadsworth.

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